"When I do the best I can with what I have, then I have won my race." Jay Foonberg

Weekly Running Log

Friday, October 18, 2013

Shrimp Festival 5k

It seems that it's been two years since I've run the Shrimp Festival race.  The last time I remember doing this one was when it was held on the beach road...which I vowed not to do it again because of the lack of barriers from the traffic.  Cars were moving in and out of the runners and was so dangerous....I couldn't believe traffic was mixing in with the runners!!  The course was moved to a much safer area on the BackCountry Trail System, which I love all those trails.  Some are flat and some have grades that are challenging though short lasting.  All in all, I was pleased that the course was changed. 

We signed up for the 5k.  I've only done the 10k in the past but knew I was not ready for that yet.  Yes, I know I just did a half marathon, but really didn't feel that I could tackle a 10k yet.  Seems like the shorter races challenge me more than the longer ones and push me harder.  Guess I just want to run it all or run faster than I am ready to do.  Here's a pic of the cool banner at the Lines. 

After running 3 miles straight for the first time since the accident, I felt I was ready to run a 5k again.  We started out and I felt great.  Looking down at my watch off and on I KNEW I was going way too fast.  Even at 2 miles, I was still running better than I have for months, under a 10 minute mile.  As we made our turn onto a newer trail [the last mile heading back to the finish], the sun came out from behind the clouds and beat down on us.  Challenge #1:  it got really tough.  There was no shade until the very end.  My pace slowed down a lot.  I mean...a lot!  Even to incorporating some walking.  Here I am in the last stretch and I'm fading fast.  Keeping my head on straight, I focused on the fact that I had started out too fast and that I had run longer in a race than I had in a long time.  I'm okay...now, to just finish strong, another main goal for any race.  As we got to some shade and back on to a familiar stretch of the trail I tried to get back to running harder.  Challenge #2:  constant grade!!  Yikes.  I pushed and pushed and did the best I could but still had to do a little bit of walking.  As we made our last turn up to the Finish Line, I pushed as hard as I could but the grade got tougher.  Yes, I did pretty good and was able to run through the finish.  I felt great though a little tired.  I finished much better than I thought I would. 

Now, get this............I finished TWO seconds from placing TWICE!!  Twice you might say??  Two ladies a step in front of me tied for second and third place!  Man, I wasn't looking to place but I hate I was so close.  Regardless, I'm pleased with my time.  I finished 31:22 with a 10:06 pace; my fastest so far.  They finished 31:20!!  Here the results for my age group. Oh, I entered with my middle name, Ann, since my first name tends to put me into the male category regardless of how strong I mark "female".  Fourth place is not bad...I'll take it. 

Place Name                Age City/state             5kgun    5kpace     
===== ======================= === ==========
1 Kathy Terrell            56 Wetumpka AL      29:45      9:35 
2 Jean Keith                 58 Foley AL              31:20    10:06 
3 Susan Fechner          59 Foley AL               31:20    10:06 
4 Ann Headrick           57 Laurel MS             31:22    10:06 
5 Donna Higgins         59 Griffin GA             31:52    10:16 
6 Janet Kassabian        57 Arlington TX         35:31   11:26
7 Judy York                 55 Dacula GU            36:03    11:36 
8 Celeste Cancienne    58 Napoleonville LA 39:38    12:46  
9 Kim Headrick           57 Maryville TN        42:22    13:38  
10 Susan Doucet         57 Lafayette LA          50:23   16:13 
11 Kay Jett                  56 Gulf Shores AL     55:13    17:47 
12 Gina Patrick          56 Sugarhill GA       1:08:05    21:55  

Kent did really good, too. He finished 1st Place in his age group.  So proud of him!

After the race, I met up with my friend Diane G. and she took a pic of some of her friends.  It is always good to meet new running friends...yay!

There were lots of people and lots of good food.  Water was plentiful as were the hot cheese and pepperoni pizzas!  They also had mini blueberry, orange and poppy seed muffins.   The meal consisted of a pasta dish and fruit cocktail.  It was all so refreshing.  Here's a crowd shot but there were many still out on the course at this time. 

I look forward to next year when I can run the 10k.  Now that the course is away from traffic, I can see putting this race on the schedule every year. 

Never give up!  You may have difficult times...we all do.  But keep thinking positively and do what you can and

Run 4 It

Friday, October 4, 2013

Talladega Half Marathon

This race was completely different from any I've done before.  My goals were not about me.  It was one of the best races I've done. 

The goals for this race were:
First and foremost to do the race for my husband and in awareness of prostate cancer.
To actually do it since my broken shoulder hindered me from hardly doing any running with late training.
To run as much as I could in keeping up with the run/walk program I had trained for.
Time is NOT an issue in this race.
And, to be satisfied with my results...period...as long as I finished uninjured and not in pain!

My friend, Deleica, and I went together.  She had not had a good night's sleep the night before our 4 hour travel and I made it my job to keep her awake on our long drive there.  Of course, she would say I talked too much...BUT...I didn't want to take a chance in veering off the road; I was really tired of talking but we made it fine.  I had not had much rest either but I had a job to do, too. 

We picked up our race packets before checking into the motel.  The shirts are really cool looking AND V-neck...my favorite style.  I love the bright lime green color with the black and white checkered flags on it.  My number was 333 and thought this had to be a good sign.  They also had these great buttons and I got one to wear in the race.  Just perfect!  There was a cool looking decal that I set on the upper left side of the shirt in order to get a pic of it.  There were also lots of goodies in the bag. 

From the very beginning [last December], I made up my mind to do this race for Kent's sake.  Little did I know "I" would have my own issues to deal with. 

I was now getting excited for about the race.  I can't believe that I am actually going to be able to do this half marathon!!  I asked my doctor a month and half ago about doing it [I had to sign up for it quite a while back] and he said, without blinking an eye or stuttering...a resounding "NO!"  Weeeelll...after improvement with physical therapy, I thought I would ask my PT if it would be okay to run/walk it.  He cautioned me by trying to run a little and see if I hurt any and that if I did to stop.  Well little does he realize just what a runner is made of!!!  I started out and did fine.  Before I knew it, my intervals included .25 mile walk with .25 mile slow run.  A couple of weeks before the race, I had increased my running interval to .50+ mile and my distance to 11 miles with no problems. 

As we came up to the track we took a few pics.  Excitement was building more and more.  Here is the entrance...woo-hoo!

For those that haven't been here, this is the tunnel vehicles take to get to the center of the race track.  It is a steep drop and as steep an incline going back up the other side...it actually goes underneath the track itself. 

And, there it was...this huge track with amazing stands surrounding you.  You felt like "somebody" on the "inside", ha! 

After a night's rest, we got dressed for the race.  I was so touched by my friend's headband.  She wrote "This 13.1 for Kent".  I was choked up and couldn't speak.  Thanks, D, you're special to both of us!  It was pretty cool that morning so I wore my arm sleeves.  Sure wish there were fuel belts that didn't make you look so big...it wouldn't be all the stuff you put in there now would it???  Well, I look a little lumpy but I had a lot of stuff with me in the race.  Here are my contents:  3 GU's, phone, an iPod, container of ACV, lipstick [a girl HAS to have some lipstick, right??], a little TP...and seems like it was something else...but that is enough as it is!!  And, yes, with all the extra weight, I was ready!! 

Before the race they had a breakfast for cancer survivors as well as a devotion.  They also had a special parking area for the survivors, too.  The devotion was really good done by a local pastor.  It was held at one of the car bays on Pit Row.  So exciting!! 

Here are a couple of pre-race photos.  We could hardly stand up on the second lane from the bottom.  The people you see had to crawl to get up to the upper position!! 

My adrenaline really starts pumping just before a race.  And this one was a very special one.  Normally, I start out with a .25 mile walk, then run; but I couldn't contain myself and started out running.  It was so much fun running around the very track that NASCAR cars race around.  Music screamed from the loud speakers and you could hear it from most everywhere except when you were running out on the road.  The photos below are taken when I went around the track the first time...at the beginning. 

Yes, there's always a nut doing something no one else does.  Check out this man "trying" to run on the 3rd lane!!  He was actually walking it very slowly.  Even on the lowest lane, there was still a little turn in it making your hips move differently.  Thankfully, I wasn't in my "race form" this time.  The ones taken below are on the course.  There's one of me coming up from the tunnel...that was THE hardest part of the race though there were several tough hills in this one! 

Then we came back around the race track for a final lap.  My legs were S.C.R.E.A.M.I.N.G. by then. The hills were tough!!  The last couple of miles my little legs paid for it...I started cramping in my calves!!  I've never cramped like this before.  First one, then the other, back and forth throughout the finish.  Soooo....as a good athlete that is always prepared....I whipped out my trusty ACV that has always worked!  Took a swig...nothing!!!  Swig #2...nothing!!!  These things would NOT go away.  After the Swig #3, I decided it was nto going to quit and I couldn't take the vinegar any more, especially with water to chase it...yuk!  So, I had to start walking more.  I felt good otherwise and was really wanting to run the last part of the race and now this was going to be my culprit.  Even the very last half mile, I couldn't keep a trot.  I pushed through as hard as it was and was thankful it was over.  But...there's always NEXT YEAR, right??   

Then there's the Finish Line photo.  As I've said before...if at ALL possible...I will NOT walk through a Finish Line.  I was able to run in from a short distance out. 

There were so many photographers, mostly around the track.  They were able to get us going around the first time and around it again at the finish.  It wasn't long after the race began that the temps rose...notice most all the photos taken my arm sleeves were shoved down.  When we crossed the line we got our medals, which I was elated to get!!!...and a sponge in the shape of a NASCAR car soaked in water.  The cool water was so welcoming. 

And, here are our medals.  Aren't they cool??  I love that it says "Dega Baby"!

We had oranges and bananas and a sandwich plate from Jim 'n Nick's BBQ.  It was sooo good.  Red Diamond was one of the sponsors so we had cold, sweet tea, too.  Then we walked on around to where the NASCAR finish pictures are taken and we got our pics taken in the same place.  It made you feel so important, ha! 

Here are the results for the race:  http://www.besttimescct.com/results/Talladega13.txt .  I finished 10th out of 19 in my age group.  Success...again!! 

I didn't know that there were so many aspects of racing or running.  I found out that you can race with different motives and goals.  I've always raced doing the best I can do...and that's not bad; just sometimes there are other reasons to pursue a good race.  I worked hard to get to the point to actually be able to do a half marathon.  I really didn't want to drop down to the 5k, if possible.  Pushing through the training runs without causing more injury to my shoulder showed me that I can actually control and discipline myself to stay with a program that is better than just getting in fast miles.  Next, I stuck with a commitment I had made months ago.  And first and foremost, when you want to do something in honor or memory of someone else, you will find that you have something deep within you that you never knew you had to get you through what's important to you.  I'm so thankful that I could HONOR my husband, Kent, and also, actually had a part in promoting awareness for prostate cancer.  The Talladega Half Marathon and 5k was sponsored by the Urology Centers of Alabama, the very clinic that Kent went for treatment and surgery.  They are amazing and excellent in their knowledge and care.  Men, please take advantage of preventive testing...it saved his life and can save yours! 

This race was probably the hardest race I've done with all the hills; but I can hardly wait until next year to do it again.  It was not one of those discouraging ones but one that challenged me.  I'm looking forward to actually racing the next one...of course, after lots of hill work and calf work preparing for it.  Oh, by the way...MANY were having problems by the end of the race due to the hills we had encountered the last 5-6 miles.  Even D said that she had to walk more than she expected at the end and she contracted cramps at about the same place I began to have mine. 

I am trying to run a little farther in my runs since the race.  It is slow but I'm going to get there.  When you want to do something really bad, you will find that you will get out and

Run 4 It

2017 Races

  • 12/10/17...MS Coast Half
  • 12/09/17...MS Coast 5k
  • 11/25/17...Kaiser Half
  • 11/18/17...Wild Turkey Trot 5k
  • 11/11/17...Rotary Oyster 5k
  • 10/14/17...Shrimp Festival 10k
  • 02/18/17...Sea Turtle Half
  • 02/04/17...Double Bridge 15k
  • 01/29/17...Big Beach Half

2017 Bike Rides

  • 10/01/17...Southern Magnolia Ride [25.85]
  • 05/13/17...Good Life Ride [26]


  • MS Coast Double Down...5k & Half
  • Run The Beach...3 Half's

2017 Goals

  • Back-to-Back Races [Done]
  • 3 Half Marathons [Done +1]
  • 1,000 Miles-No
  • First Half Marathon Series [3 Done]
  • Work on core/strength 2-3 times a week-No
  • Lose 25 pounds-No
  • NEVER give up! YES!!
  • Control/Eliminate refined sugars-Good

2016 Races

  • 10/15/16...Shrimp Festival 5k
  • 05/30/16...Fiesta Five Flags 5k
  • 03/19/16...Azalea Trail 10k
  • 03/13/16...St. Pat's Leprechaun 5k
  • 03/05/16...Bay to Breakfast 12k...1st trail race
  • 02/20/16...Sea Turtle Half
  • 02/13/16...Double Bridge 15k

2016 Goals

  • Run 1,000 miles-Done
  • Bike 300 miles
  • Half Marathon-Done
  • Eat fruit daily
  • Push through the hard times-Done
  • Cut back on refined sugar

2015 Races

  • 12/19/15...Make It To The Line 4 Miler
  • 11/21/15...Wild Turkey Trot 5k
  • 11/14/15...Oyster 5k
  • 10/10/15...Shrimp Festival 5k
  • 05/30/15...PHind a Cure-W/D
  • 05/02/15...Fiesta Five Flags 5k
  • 04/18/15...Zydeco 5k - W/D
  • 04/??/15...Virtual Remember the Fallen 5k
  • 04/??/15...Virtual Boston Strong 5k
  • 04/11/15...Magnolia 5k
  • 03/28/15...Azalea Trail 10k
  • 03/07/15...Circle K 5k
  • 03/01/15...Gulf Coast Lulu's 10k
  • 02/28/15...Sweetheart 5k
  • 02/07/15...Double Bridge 15k

2015 Goals

  • 1 Half Marathon
  • Eat fruit daily
  • Overlook past failures
  • Push through the hard times/things

2014 Races

  • 12/06/14...St. Jude's Half Marathon
  • 08/16/14...Pinky 5k Virtual
  • 08/15/14...Howl @ the Moon 10k Virtual
  • 02/15/14...Sweetheart 5k
  • 02/01/14...Double Bridge 15k

2014 Goals

  • 1 Half Marathon
  • 700 Running Miles
  • Strengthen my Upper Body
  • Recuperate, Recover, Renew
  • Get active in WW
  • Eat Fruit Daily
  • Start Clean Eating
  • Begin Eliminating Sugar from Diet

2013 Races

11-30-13...Stennis 5k
11-23-13...Turkey Trot 5k
11-08-13...Run For The Kids Virtual Half [St. Jude's]
10-12-13...Shrimp Festival 5k
09-22-13...Talladega Half
07-04-13...Wesson 2 Miles
06-29-13...Emz Liverpalooza 5k
05-18-13...Pursuit of Fun 5k
04-20-13..Warrior Dash
04-07-13...Gulf Coast Half-Pensacola
03-23-13...Azalea Trail 10k
03-10-13...Leprechaun 5k
02-24-13...NOLA Marathon
02-02-13...Double Bridge 15k-Pensacola
01-13-13....Gulf Coast Half-Lulu's

2013 Goals

  • 3 Half Marathons-Done-Plus 1
  • 1 Marathon-Done
  • 1000 Running Miles-No, due to RC Tendonitis & Broken Shoulder
  • Eat fruit daily-A little aggressive but better
  • Maintain weight in 130's-Did NOT happen!

2012 Races

12-08-12...FloraBama Jingle Bell 5k
11-24-12...Jingle Bell 10k
11-17-12...Turkey Trot 5k
10-27-12...Jazz Half
10-20-12...OS Rotary 5k
10-13-12...Race for Grace 5k
09-29-12...5k For Katlyn
07-04-12...Wesson 2 Mile
04-15-12...Gulf Coast Half...[Withdrew-bronchitis]
04-14-12...Diversity Dash 5k
03-24-12...Azalea Trail 10k
03-03-12...MS50 20k...[Withdrew-bronchitis]
02-25-12...Kids Need Heroes 5k
02-11-12...Sweetheart 5k
02-04-12..Double Bridge 15k
01-14-12...Pensacola Half

2012 Goals

  • 1 Full Marathon-Marine Corp filled up
  • 3 Half Marathons-2 Down-Sick had to drop 2
  • 20 Miles-Wkly Mileage-Bronchitis kept me from this
  • Cross Training 2x Week-Poor Commitment
  • Weekly Weights W/O-Again Poor Commitment

2011 Races

  • 11-26-11...Kaiser Half
  • 11-19-11...Turkey Trot 5k
  • 11-11-11...Thumbs Up for Bill 5k
  • 11-05-11...Senior Bowl 10k
  • 10-22-11...Running the Streets 5k
  • 10-15-11...Shrimp Festival 10k
  • 10-08-11...Mullet Run 5k
  • 09-24-11...Waiting for a Cure 8k
  • 09-05-11...Labor Your Legs 5k
  • 07-04-11...Wesson 2 Miles
  • 06-04-11...Bay Fest 5k
  • 05-14-11...Stargazer 5k
  • 04-30-11...Fiesta 5 Flags 5k
  • 04-16-11...St. Benedict's 5k
  • 04-10-11...Gulf Coast Half
  • 03-26-11...Azalea Trail 10k
  • 03-19-11...St. Patrick's 5k
  • 03-05-11...Eco 5k
  • 02-13-11...Mardi Gras Marathon

Secrets to Running a 5k

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