"When I do the best I can with what I have, then I have won my race." Jay Foonberg

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Thursday, December 31, 2015

2015 Year End Review

To begin with I will start with this year's goals and the results. 

1.  Half Marathon.  Unfortunately, it didn't happen. 
2.  Eat fruit daily.  Much better.
3.  Overlook past failures.  Improving, more than I expected.
4.  Push through the hard times.  Excelled.

Comment:  I am pleased with the overall end of this year's goals.  No, I didn't accomplish them the way I had intended it to be; but, with the exception of the first couple, being aware of the other two has made me a better person. 

Miles run:  841.5
Miles walked: 118.1
Total miles on my legs:  959.6

Biked/Cycled:  186.3 miles

Comment:  These statistics I am well pleased with!  Having been inactive so much this year, I can't believe I almost reached 1,000 miles.  It wasn't until mid-October or later that I realized that I could reach 1,000 miles run/walked.  I see now that this can be accomplished if I am regular in my running and/or walking.  Staying on my feet is the key!  The next big plus is the miles biked.  I've rarely gotten on my bike and have now begun taking a spin class which I hope to be more regular with that.  I am very pleased with this figure and will make a goal for this next year. 

You see, this has been another tough year.  That makes TWO in a row!!  I learned a lot through the ups and downs.  Mental adjustment has been the main goal for me this year.  I have probably been "down" as much as I have been "up".  But the last part of the year, I began changing my thoughts by doing what I can do instead of focusing or looking at the things I can't do.  I know this slump is temporary! 

One of the things that got my attention is the fact that I turned 60 years old!!  I still can't believe it and haven't gotten use to me saying that age out loud yet.  But facts are facts.  That means I have entered a new age group.  Normally excited about this, I can see this age group will be a challenge for me.  This is a good thing.  I will work harder and do the best I can do. 

Another thing is my weight.  I have GOT to do something to lose weight.  I know how to do it...but...it's the doing it that actually counts, right??  I've got to get my "want to" in line!  Odd enough, my running pace is increasing again [even with this extra weight] and if I weighed less I would be a better competitor.  And, that's what I want.  We'll see how bad I really want it! 

I don't have to look very deep to see the next half marathon.  Guess it's just "in my bones".  I really, really love that distance.  For now, I am getting stronger and am building miles on my legs.  If this continues, I plan to do as many half's in 2016 as I can, ha!  No, seriously...

Unlike some of my friends, I don't have running goals for 2016 that will push me to another level.  A couple of my friends are really excelling in their athletic ability:  Deleica and Marsha.  I am so proud of you...keep up the good work!  My goal is to return to running somewhat like I was in 2013 before I fell and broke my shoulder. 

One thing I did this year that I want to continue to do is to be more creative in the cooking area.  I've tried many things this year and have bought new, healthy things that I've not purchased before.  Delicious foods, as well as healthy ones, are definitely on the forefront in 2016. 

I will now close this post with the mention of a couple of folks that inspire me.  First off, a friend that isn't even on the Internet [that I know of] but she inspires me because she is NOT a quitter.  My friend, Mo, is amazing.  She has come through such difficult times of cancer, surgery and treatment and never...quits...running.  I don't know how she does it.  Though I could never be like her, she will never know how much I think about her when I want to give up.  Thanks, Mo!!

Second, my new friends this year, Susan and Jean.  They are consistent, strong runners.  Your invitation of my being a part of the Sole Sisters has been inspirational.  Getting to know so many ladies that walk or run and stay healthy is a plus in my life.  Thanks for letting me be a part of your running and group.  You make me realize goals I want to make and achieve.

Finally and most of all, I want to mention my biggest inspiration, my husband, Kent.  I cannot tell you how many times he has inspired me to get off my butt and "do something" active when I didn't want to.  He has had many setbacks this year as well but he never quits!!  Even when I tell him that I had "this or that" to do, he would go on and do his thing.  When he would leave, I would feel guilty and many times I would stop whatever nonsense I was doing, get dressed and hit the road.  Thank you so much for being YOU!!  I love you to the moon and back and can't imagine my life without you. 

There are others I want to thank for your encouragement this year as I've needed A LOT.  I hope it makes you feel better knowing that your words DID have a positive impact on me...yes, it did!  You will find my 2016 goals listed.  All I can say is encourage someone around you.  You never know how much it means being the recipient.  So for now, get active, make new goals and go

Run 4 It

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Flora-Bama Make It To The Line

This turned out to be a very good day.  The air was real cool and the course flat which made for a good race for me.  Most of the race was run alongside my friend, Mo, who is also a competitor.  She did great, too.  Love visiting with friends I only see at races.  Here are a few pics...I'll start with "us".

I loved the cute shirt.  [Back, then the front]

Some pics during the race with me, Mo, Marsha, Irene and Diane.

Now some award pics.  Yay!!

The award and my first bib as 60 years old.

The post-race food was pretty good.  It was a very stuffed chicken tortilla with fresh lettuce and tomato with beef stew and yeast rolls.  Here's also some crowd pics.

This is the first 4-mile race I've run; hence a PR.  I finished so much better than I thought I would since I've hardly run since this raunchy bronchitis hit me a month ago!!  This is, also, the first race since entering a new age group.  I received 2nd place and am very happy with my pace.  My time was 28:02 [27:59 by my Garmin].  Yes, everything went well.  I am looking forward to a great 2016.  Now seize the day and go

Run 4 It

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Wild Turkey Trot 5k

Another race down.  And, I'm glad I can say this.  The last couple of days I have been fighting a cold/allergy/sinus "stuff" and last night culminated in hardly sleeping a wink.  I was up ALL night trying to breathe and coughing my head off.  My head hurt so much.  With this happening, I had about decided to withdraw from the race this morning.  I made myself get race-dressed and go with Kent to Pensacola and cheer everyone in at the Finish Line.  Thought I could at least do that. 

After another dose of allergy medication, I began to feel a little better.  Still not planning to race, I caught up with my friend, Mo, beforehand and she wasn't herself either.  She told me that racing may help open my head up.  With that being said, I decided to try and race.  My calves have been much better this week but I was not very confident in them acting right and with my head wearing me out...well...I didn't have a lot of hope for running the entire course without doing some walking. 

The air was nice and cool and I began to see a lot of my friends as they came up.  As usual, I love the excitement in the air before a race and that didn't disappoint me; I just wasn't very confident in myself.  We got started on an overcast day and all was going well.  No calf pain and no coughing.  Within the first mile, we hit a small grade and it made me start walking as I was having so much trouble breathing!  I thought "oh, no!!"; but it didn't last long.  As soon as we leveled out I began running again and ran it the rest of the way through.  Mo and I ran together some, she ran ahead and I got ahead of her about 2 miles out.  Now that my breathing was getting better, I held "my" pace and kept steady.  Another friend, Buck, had zipped passed both of us after the first mile or so and stayed ahead, running good and strong.  He finished well, then I came in, then Mo, then my other friends.  We all did better than we expected.  Hence, the race was a success.  I was one off from placing in my age group with Mo getting 3rd and Buck 1st. 

Kent enjoys racewalking the races in Pensacola as they stress that you shouldn't run any and they start after the 5k runners leave out.  He placed 1st in his age group.  I am so proud of him.  He is such an inspiration to me!!  Okay...I know I've said that before...but he is! 

Hope you've had a good run or race today.  Looking forward to Thanksgiving with my family.  Here's wishing you a Happy Turkey Day.  But until then...after all, there's 5 days before that great day, go

Run 4 It

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Oyster 5k

I have been working hard to improve my 5k time.  I continue to struggle with calf pain but have gotten a little stronger.  This past week I finally ran solid for 4 miles...okay...I know...that's nothing like what I am use to; but it is an improvement since I was hardly able to run 1.5 miles without stopping from severe pain not so long ago.  Not being sure of the cause, I do know that this started when I began a new medication.  I checked with the pharmacist to see if this was a side effect and it wasn't but I am not convinced that it wasn't in the "fine print" somewhere.  When it comes to muscle or tendon soreness, cramping, pain...I am right up there in the 1% of being affected.  This is my weakness.  I made the decision to cut the medication in half and see if this will make a difference.  Also, for a week now, I began taking magnesium after reading many times how it helps with muscles.  Having no idea if this will work or not, I have noticed improvement in the pain.  Slowly this past week, my running has gotten stronger...rather continual...without pain. 

We signed up for the Oyster 5k about a week ago and as of yesterday, we neither one was excited about doing it.  Poor Kent is suffering with heel pain and we're thinking it is gout.  Most days he can hardly walk until he's walked a little and stretched it out, then it will be okay.  He struggled a lot today in the race!  :(  As for me, I was actually scared to death that I couldn't make it.  Needless to say, we neither one was good for the other this morning.  Fortunately, we girded ourselves and headed out the door. 

Last night a cool front came through and this morning it was windy and cold!  It was 48, without consideration of the chill factor, when we left the house.  The cold part was fine as we race better when it is cooler than warmer but the wind was sharp.  I came up on several friends and it was actually exciting to visit with them.  Friends from different areas in my life...yet we all tend to come together at races. 

It is so hard to focus your running on being slower just in order to make a short 5k race.  Every time I would want to jump out and run harder, my mind came back to my goal in this race was running it entirely instead of racing it.  This is SOOO hard for me.  I had talked with my friend, Mo, earlier and she is struggling with a couple of issues in both legs!  I felt for her.  During the race we talked back and forth as she and I would pass each other several times.  She mentioned during the race that she was having pain in both legs and I told her that I was breaking down so much lately.  We encouraged each other and continued on.  Soon and very soon, we will be competitors again...I will enter her age group in a month.  I'm glad that we can be friends at the same time, too. 

I was doing well and about 2.49 miles into the race, my right calf started giving me signals of tightness.  This means that the pain will be coming up shortly and usually hard.  So, I backed off some, rested in a slower pace and continued on without any more tightness.  When I crossed the line, I was so excited to see on my watch [though I didn't turn it off when I first crossed but thought I had] that I had a great time on top of running it all!!  My time beat my last 5k at the Shrimp Festival by 2.12 minutes faster and I had no pain.  My goal had been achieved...no pain!! 

The next goal will be to try to run a little farther and a little harder.  I feel my trekking class is really helping my speed and today has helped my confidence.  With both in my back pocket, I am hoping I can run better at the next 5k coming up shortly.  I am so short of my usual 5k time but I will continue to try my best...and not quit!  Even if I don't get a better time, I want to be stronger and I can feel that it's inside again. 

Here's to leaving you with the encouragement to get out and go

Run 4 It 

Friday, October 16, 2015

Shrimp Festival 5k

Well, it's that time of the year when I look forward to running outside again.  More and more I am able to avoid the treadmill.  And, though I've been able to get in pretty high mileage on the TMs, I've had to practically start all over again once I began hitting the pavement.  This is not due to ability but more about breathing the outside air while running hard.  The humidity is still hanging around and slowing me down some but I am able to push through more and more.  Every day with the cooler temps, the better it gets. 

Saturday, October 10th, we did the annual Shrimp Festival race.  I've always done the 10k but was not ready to do it this year, so the 5k it was.  I am alright with that in many ways; one of the main reasons is listed in the paragraph above.  I am also involved with Scrapbooking Crops now and that is a killer for me.  The weekend before I went to one and though my ankles weren't as swollen this time as usual, I experienced something different...painful calves when running!!  Okay...another "issue" to deal with.  But that's okay cause I know it is temporary. 

A pre-race photo with friends [Pete, me, Marsha, Frances and Jojo].
Well, the painful calves did play a role in my race but I refused to be negative about it.  I had to walk a few times but the good thing is that overall I felt really good and my running was very good.  No, I didn't sprint except toward the end when I knew it was about over, ha, but just good running.  I know "it's" still in there and if I can keep my focus on that, I will see improvement more and more.  Overall, I was exceptionally excited because I received 2nd place in my age group!!  I was not expecting that!  Kent did well, too.  Though there were several cheaters that received the higher awards, he still placed 2nd, too. 

The real racewalker winners!!

A couple of pics while waiting for the awards.  And, yep, we were photo-bombed by an unknown person, ha!

With my friend, Mo, who got 3rd place in her age group in the 10k.

That's it for now.  Heading out this morning for another weekend Crop...will try to do better by not standing on my feet as much.  Fingers crossed!! 

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Almost Fall

Several things have happened since my last post.  First I want to mention the Brett Robinson Coastal Triathlon.  It was my first tri to attend and SO exciting!!  I loved it.  It made me want to try to do one.  This is for another day and time, ha!  My friend, D, came and stayed with me the night before the race and we had a nice visit.  She came bringing flowers and a watermelon.  She's the best.  Hi, D!! 
We, also, went to Sports 'n More which is our favorite running store.  She racked up...I remember when I did the same thing when I didn't live close to good stores and would visit the area.  Hope she enjoys every item she got.  We left there and went on to pick up her race packet and leave her bike in the transition area.  The next morning came early and we headed out to the race.  I got a few pics at the race. 
 D leaving the beach heading for her bike.
 D leaving the bikes and on her run.
 Well...had to get one of us, of course!
My friend, Pam, doing her first tri.
More friends that came down: D, Phillip, Kim and Amey
On to the next item.  My running has been improving...yay...BUT...it's all been on the treadmill.  The temps are getting a little better here and there and I'm going outside some.  The bad part...NOT running good outside...AT ALL!!!  What in the world is going on??  Guess I'm still struggling with things like fall allergies now and my coughing is getting worse.  I mean, come on!!  I'm getting tired of dealing with issue after issue!!

I will tell you this; I will NOT give up!!!  It WILL come back [my running] and at least I know that my legs can do the distance and they are ready.  Now, just to get my upper body up and going again. 

Last week I did Weight Watchers Simple Start Program.  It is only meant for 1-2 weeks.  Had 3 times I went "off" due to a couple of luncheons; but it all worked out.  Lost 5.8 pounds at the end of the week and felt great.  This week [beginning Sunday] there were two days of bad eating right next to one another...this equaled a small weight gain with only 4 pounds down as of Monday.  I am okay with this as it is still a loss.  My clothes are beginning to fit better.  It's a great, successful week.

So for now...it's on to Week 2 and continuing to work out.  The weight didn't happen over night and so it won't go away over night.  Looks like a change is needed beginning with the mental work, ha!  I'll look into doing things different and bringing in to my life more adventurous and variety of workouts.  There are so many things that can be done.  So my next move is to find something exciting to do and something that will peak my interest and make my workouts worth looking forward to again. 

Now for you, find something you love to do and

Go 4 It [a version of Run 4 It]

Friday, September 4, 2015

Challenges Met

I saw a challenge in July for 50 or 100 miles walked or run for the month.  Being as how my mileage has been low, I decided reaching for 50 would be a good one to shoot for.  My trekking days were getting better and better.  So, I decided to add a couple of miles before class began.  Before I knew it I had reached 8 miles twice a week.  Well, after a couple of weeks I felt reaching 100 miles might be a better challenge.  I've probably done this many times since long distance is what I really enjoy but I've never looked at the totals like that...it was more on a daily vs. weekly amounts to stay within a 10% increase.  Trekking improved by leaps and bounds and I was loving my running again.  After a quarter mile walk warm-up, my run began.  So, I was reaching all my mileage with very little exception [about 90% of the time I would run when class would be walking], I was running it entirely.  July ended with 112 miles!  Above the challenge.  My running is getting stronger and stronger.  And, I'm loving the longer miles. 

Having reached the 100 miles was easier than I thought and the challenge continued on to include August.  I couldn't resist, so I jumped on the 100 mile train.  My mileage continue to increase.  One day I even reached 11 miles...on a treadmill!!!  That was a first for sure and more than likely a last, ha!  I am really looking forward to some good long running outside again...

Hormones have been wreaking havoc on me for a year and half, at least!  After trying a couple of methods, I decided to go have the implants again.  I had them years ago and they worked for me just great.  At the end of August, I had this minor procedure done.  The only thing is...it stops me from running and even walking [exercise-wise] for several days afterward.  I barely got in my 100 miles in August and do believe I was looking at more like 125 miles that month. 

Here is the medal I purchased for the July Challenge.  The decision was made when I make 100+ miles in a month I will write that month down on the back of it.  That's two months, so far...yay!!  Sorry for the glare.  I tried many times to get a good shot but I always got a reflection off the shiny gold and silver.  [No, it's not "real" gold/silver...but you know what I mean.]

Oh, well, the HRT was much more important.  At this writing, I am still not able to run yet but I am feeling sooooo much better and it won't be long now.  The temps are beginning to drop some and I am hoping it won't be long before I can get outside and run again.  I just hope I can do a quarter mile without stopping when I start outside, ha!  Fear follows me.............trying to overcome this fear of failure.  Do good sometimes and not so good other times. 

I have so many races I want to do as you can tell by my Upcoming Race list.  Some I have already signed up for and some are still being considered so I put them all on the list. 

My challenge to you is to get moving.  Walk or run.  Start with half mile increments and before you know it you will be able to

Run 4 It

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

My First Ride

We purchased new bikes when we relocated to LA but have hardly ridden them.  I know cycling helps with running as I've seen what it's done for several of my friends.  Biking has not been a favorite sport of mine as I find it hard to sit.  Okay, it hurts my butt!!  There, I've said it.  With grit and determination, I decided I needed to go to spin class.  At least, it would help even if I couldn't do the class as it should be done.  I had tried this before and it was very difficult for me and I was embarrassed that after 2-3 classes I wasn't able to do it like the others.  Glad these are stationary bikes cause I'd definitely be left behind!!  Guess what I mean is that I had to sit off and on throughout.  Friends of mine, Marsha and Diane, and another signed up to do The First Friday Slow Ride in Pensacola.  I checked it out and saw where this group is organized to encourage first time riders.  Children were invited and I really liked that no one would be left behind!  We were in groups with a leader and a sweep; hence, no racing type ride.  After talking with Marsha, I decided I would try it.  I had wanted to do a ride for so long but, like class, was afraid I couldn't make it.  I took my new bike out for a pre-ride, of sort, and it went fine.  Check out what a real rider looks like, ha! 

After 5 miles, I felt like I could handle this.  After all, it just couldn't be much more if they are encouraging children, right??  Oh, did I say that it was a late afternoon ride?  After meeting the others at Marsha's home, I was really getting excited.  I accepted that even if I couldn't keep up with the fast ones I wouldn't be alone.  We got there and got our bikes ready and donned our helmets.  Okay...this is a first for me...a helmet.  But I am glad that I purchased one because now I feel like I'm "dressed" for the sport. 

Had to do a little carb loading before the ride.  So we had a snack at The East Hill Yard.  It was pretty, darn good...just couldn't eat for all the butterflies in my stomach, ha!

 A pre-race photo before we suffer from "helmet-head".  Paula, me, Marsha and Diane.  Marsha saying "Go Tigers" while we were coached to say "Roll Tide"...lol. 

Here are a few pics of the ride.  We passed by the fairly new War Memorial and it was so touching.  I want to return with Kent and walk through it, take pics and read the plaques.  Funny story...we saw this because our leader made a wrong turn.  This was one of the prettiest parts of the ride and I didn't mind.  Also, it gave us more mileage...as a runner, that's always good, right?  I fell in love with "riding".  I can hardly wait until the next one in September.  We all made a date!  Unfortunately, Paula will be having knee surgery soon and probably won't make it.  Get well, Paula!

And, yep, got to have our ride-along photographer's pic, Diane.  Thanks!!  This was so much fun.  We continued to have fun afterward as we stopped for some refreshment before heading home.  We got in 9 miles and I am very happy with that.  And, guess what??  No butt pain!!!  Yay...maybe I'm getting there...little by little. 

I'm incorporating spin once a week into my regimen.  Still not my favorite thing to do but not giving up on this; and since we go out of town here and there in the middle of the week, Wednesday class is missed some.  Guess I say all of this to say that I haven't quit going.  No, I'm not able to stay out of the saddle [like that??  I'm learning new slang...saddle, sweep] like the others but I'm still trying.  Today I will go again even though I've missed the last TWO weeks; hope I don't have to start all over. 

As I continue to workout 6 days a week as much as possible, I feel I'm getting stronger.  On the downside, my weight continues to be the same or a little more!!  VERY discouraging to say the least.  After a doctor's visit yesterday, I'm changing my hrt again.  It should help with weight as well as several other issues I've been experiencing.  I think it will do fine...looking forward to next week to get this thing started! 

Yesterday, I got in 11 miles on the treadmill in my trekking class.  I can't see doing more than that and only 11 miles occasionally until I can get outside again and run.  Ten miles can be done along with class.  My running is continuing to get strong.  I have NO idea how I will do on the road again but time will tell.  At the time of this writing, I still can't do .25 mile outside so I continue to hit the TM.  I have several races this fall and winter that I can hardly wait to do.  I am excited about what my future holds.  So for now, our goal is to go

Run 4 It [however we do it]

Monday, July 13, 2015

And Away We Go...

I haven't posted much this summer but things have not been quiet.  I made up my mind that I was going to make working out a priority.  I want to lose weight and become healthier than I have been.  My running has suffered for 2 years this June but I wasn't going to let that be the end.  Deep inside I knew I wanted to get back to where I was or in better shape than I had been in a while.  I WANT TO RUN again...and...strong. 

Being a member of the YMCA in Foley, I had absolutely no reason not to get my knee rehabilitated and back to normal.  Somehow, I had obtained bad knee pain the first of the year and when I ran the Gulf Coast 10k at Lulu's this spring, it stopped me running practically completely.  It has swelled and hurt off and on and had not been the same in months.  There wasn't a single incident that occurred so I'm thinking it might have been overuse.  Sadly, I even had to withdraw from a couple of 5k's in order to keep from further injury and downtime. 

I love my trekking class and know that it made me stronger in the past and helped me run some tough hilly bridge races.  So about 4 weeks ago, and after talking with a personal trainer there, I took his advice and kept my incline low but continued with the class.  As of today, I've not had pain in some time now.  In lieu of the hard work inclines on a treadmill give you, I increased my speed so as to get the same "effort" and workout the incline gave the others.  It was hard at first but I refused to quit.  My speed has continued to get faster and solid.  Let's understand, I have a long way to go to be at my "normal" again but I am getting stronger and that feels great.  Walking has about stopped as my running has gotten better.  I'm wondering how all of this will be when I do race again.  Come on, fall!!

When I started this regimen a little over 4 weeks ago, I included a weight workout [on machines and free weights] and a workout on my abs/core and legs to go along with it.  This meant I was getting in a 2 hour workout every time.  A couple of weeks later, I added a spin class on Wednesdays, biking 5 miles in the gym Mondays and Fridays along with 5 minutes of rowing.  From the beginning of the 4 weeks, I was working out 2 hours Monday through Saturday with rest on Sunday. 

I just knew all of this was going to drop some weight.  Well......after getting on the scales last week [the 4th week ending], I found I had GAINED a couple of pounds instead!!!  I did not watch what I ate that close and I knew I had fallen off the wagon some but after all I was working out so hard, so long and 6 days a week.  Then it dawned on me that I was building muscle, too.  My clothes are fitting better than they have in a long time!!  We're eating more fruit on a daily basis, too.  I'm all okay now!  I'm feeling so much better and will continue my workouts.  My improvements have been slow and I am looking forward to fall races.  It may not be what I want it to be but I DO expect to have better times than the first of the year. 

Wherever you are in your workouts, keep up the work.  Don't get discouraged!  Remember, as far as weight goes, it didn't come on over night so don't expect it to fall off immediately.  It may take months but your work will pay off.  I am feeling better every day and look forward to each and every workout now; it use to be that I "had" to go...now I "want" to go.  Stay strong and you will

Finish Strong
Run 4 It

Friday, June 19, 2015

Bounce Back

When I saw this article at Active I wondered when I had time to write it.  Okay...all jesting aside.  Let's just say I could relate and am now on the way back to normal.  Here are some excerpts from the article.  IF you can relate, I hope you will be back up and going again soon.

"Keeping your motivation high is an important part of bouncing back from tough days and rough runs. Learn how to reset your mentality, keep your confidence high and fight negative self-talk when the ugly days come along."

"Hit the Reset Button
Bad days happen to every runner. Think of the worst run you've ever had. A few probably come to mind. Miserable, wet, cold runs that leave you shivering for 10 miles; blistering 100-degree runs that fry your skin and parch your throat; or races that aren't nearly as fast as you'd hoped--these all serve to build character. But to keep them from destroying your love for running, it is a good idea to give yourself an outlined "reset button" to put the bad day behind you and move on with a fresh outlook toward the next."

"Keep Your Confidence High
One of the hardest things about running is trying to keep your confidence high when a string of bad runs or races threatens to tear it apart. All athletes have periods where things aren't going right, but the athletes who manage to overcome this and keep going to see future breakthroughs are the ones who remember that one race does not define a season, and one season does not define a career.

One way to tell beginning runners from seasoned veterans is how much they allow a bad performance to affect the way they view their running or themselves. Runners who have survived years of ups and downs in the sport are able to move on from a bad race without it damaging them beyond disappointment of a lost opportunity. A new runner's confidence is often so fragile that one bad race or even one bad training day can tempt him or her to give up altogether.

Even 10, 20 or 100 bad runs in a row should not be enough to shake your confidence if you run because you truly love it. Remind yourself of why you started running in the first place and that should be enough to keep you going."

"Fight Negative Self-Talk
Sports psychologists teach that most human minds produce about 70 percent negative self-talk and only 30 percent positive self-talk when left alone. During running events, this is particularly dangerous as your mind may limit you more than your body does. How many times during a race or a run have you listened to the part of your brain telling you to quit, that you're not strong enough, not thin enough or not fast enough? Learn how to recognize negative self-talk and nip it in the bud by countering with positive self-talk.

Before an upcoming race or tough run, write down a list of positive mantras to recite when the going gets hard. Your mind must always be filled with something; so to prevent the doubts from filling in empty space, keep the good list rolling through.

No matter what obstacles pop up in training and in life, keep your will and resolve strong by letting the bad runs go, keeping your confidence high and introducing positive mantras into your training and racing."

Let me end by saying that you can pull through.  These tough months kept trying to pull me down.  Even during this time, I gained about 15 pounds...Yikes!!  I've decided to run and workout for my health until I am competitive again.  And, you know what??  I'm beginning to enjoy it.  Yep...my running is improving [even if it is on a treadmill through the summer months] and my overall workouts in the gym have been more pleasurable.  No, I'm not where I "was" before my down time started; but I am looking forward to better times on the road again.  Don't quit!  We all have our days or times in our lives where other things take precedent but when you dig deep you will find all you need.  So get out there and

Run 4 It [you'll feel better when you do]

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Are you guity?

Yes, I am!!  Guilty of downplaying things.  I am, also, terrible at comparing myself with many things whether it is my past, my ability now or with others.  And, it doesn't matter if it is relative to running, working out, cleaning the house or cooking.  So when I saw this article I just HAD to make it a post.  It is from Favorite Run on Facebook and I want you to know that it is all their writing, none of it mine.  Here goes: 

The 5K Effect : Rise Above the JUST
We’re all guilty of it. We’ve all said it. Whether downplaying our effort or in reaction (mostly awe) to someone else’s, we’ve all slid that unassuming four-letter word into our conversations...... ‘Just.’ When a co-worker is talking about training for their marathon, and yours is suddenly ‘just’ training for a 5K. When a friend loses 50 pounds, and your hard-earned loss suddenly becomes ‘just’ a whopping ten. When the treadmill’er next to you is crushing 7-minute miles, and you look down to see your average pace is ‘just’ a 12-minute mile.
You get me, right?
And we (myself included) slip into the mind game of rank-ordering our effort in proportion to the collective mileage, pace and experience of everyone else. We do it in running – we do it in life.
Who am I to celebrate amidst so many who are doing more, going further and working harder than me?
We compare. We analyze. And then, we take the beautiful light from own our story and we shine it on to someone else’s.
In conversations with others, we disregard and downplay our effort, even though we literally feel like we’re moving mountains. We hold back our giddy enthusiasm because it feels ‘less than’ somebody else’s. And often, despite an overwhelming sense of pride, we disconnect ourselves from the hard earned and deserving acknowledgement of the journey. And we do it with one little word, a heapful of non-verbals, and usually a spontaneous shoulder shrug…
It’s just a 5K.
It’s just 10 pounds.
It’s just a 12-minute mile.
It’s just a race.
Well, we don’t buy it.
We’ve talked with thousands of women throughout the country. And over the past two years of being amidst some of the most amazing women we have ever met, and hearing the most incredible stories of transformation one could imagine, we’ve noticed a steady undercurrent in the dialogue. Inevitably, while at a race or expo, we’ll talk to a group of excited ladies, and ask them about their races. And we’ll hear this:
Friend 1: I’m doing the full.
Friend 2: I’m just doing the half.
Friend 3: Oh, I’m just doing the 5K.
(Now, recall your own conversations. How many times have you heard this? Said this? Witnessed this? Felt this?)
We do this A LOT. And we need to knock it off.
Because let’s be real, transformation doesn’t happen through miles. It happens in the moments.
You took time out of your life – your already busy and chaotic life – for this journey. You said ‘no’ to fun gatherings because of early morning runs. You brought gym shoes with you on the supposed-to-be relaxing vacation. You drank more water, and less wine. You started to look at showers as a waste unless you had sweat at least once – sometimes twice.
You got stronger. You sacrificed – a lot. You pushed through pain and wanted to give up, but didn’t. You committed to something and finally, kept your word. You shifted priorities.
And when it’s all said and done, remember… The finish line doesn’t care how many miles you have ran, how fast you’ve gone or how many people you’ve passed or who may have passed you. It just cares that you arrive – that you finish what you started.
And that journey deserves to be validated.
That is not ‘just’ a 5K. That is JUST amazing, and worth celebrating.
And if we’re being honest, it’s bigger than just running. It’s a collective understanding to change the way we acknowledge and talk about our effort. Our goals and achievements. Our desires and dreams. To be proud of our journey and not measure or compare it to anyone else’s.
You matter. Your journey matters. So, we’re declaring a new rule. (Imagine us with fancy gavels, fashionable robes and neon sneakers.) We hope you’re with us…
:: It’s not JUST a 5K ::
We need to eliminate the downplaying-usage of this word, from our vocabulary and our way of thinking. The next time you hear somebody – a running partner, colleague, friend, teammate, even your children – minimize the value of their effort by placing the word ‘just’ in front of it, call them on it. Any distance, any pace, any goal. Call them on it.
Be the reminder. Be the validator.
And the next time it rolls off your tongue, correct yourself. Reframe, shift and change the conversation in your head, and with others.
Instead, with a proud smile on your face, try using it this way, “ I JUST did that.”
It 'just' might inspire someone else to do the same.
(via www.fellowflowers.com/the_5k_effect/)
Add-On Running Distance Charms: http://bit.ly/1KnX3kI

Monday, June 8, 2015

Making a Comeback

I have struggled continually since summer 2013.  Yes, that long!!  When I fell and broke my shoulder many, many unrelated things followed [even up to about a month ago] that kept me having to take off running...usually for 2-3 weeks MINIMUM!!  I've had to slow down but not quit completely.  Even walking some has really helped. 

This is a great article on making a comeback from Runner's World and wanted to share it with you in case you are struggling in your career, too.  On the good side, I'm getting stronger and wholly intend on being race strong by fall.  Time will tell...


For now, don't stop.  Do something; and for me, I'll just step into the gym and go

Run 4 It

Saturday, June 6, 2015

What's Going On...

Summer is here!!  For some, that is an exciting time.  All kinds of activities abound.  And, being in a coastal area, we are amazed at all that's happening.  We're trying to stay abreast of things but we're missing them coming and going and yet staying busy.  I love it!!  Also, this time of the year presents itself to many, beautiful fruits and veggies in the market.  The other day I found myself picking up nearly every fruit we like and once I got them all cleaned up and put up in the frig, my frig was FULL!!!  But I love all the beautiful tasty prizes waiting for us to gobble them up.  Yummmmm!! 

A friend of mine invited me to go with her and a group kayaking.  I was so excited and yet scared to death!!  I'm a little afraid of water but mostly snakes this time of the year.  As time approached to go, I could hardly wait.  Then the day came.......and what do you know but thunderstorms were all around the area.  Lots of lightning was not what I wanted to experience on my first trip.  The decision was made that they would postpone the trip to another weekend.  I felt better about that as I didn't want to seem like a ninny.  So Kent and I made other arrangements.  Thirty minutes before we were to meet up, a couple of folks decided to go on.  Some when at the planned location and another few at a different location.  I do want to try this new adventure but maybe summer is not going to be my time.  We'll see...I might change my mind.  It looks like so much fun and peaceful. 

Kent has had a couple of doctor's appointments.  His cancer follow-up was great and he is to return in 6 months.  But his dermatology one was T.O.U.G.H.!!  He had a large place cut out of his face [it really hurt...yikes!!], some on his arm and many on his back!!  It was a hard day to say the least.  Days inside will be the agenda for a while until he is healed better.  I don't know how he takes it!!!

Now, on to running.  I had a 5k at the end of May but I am struggling so hard to breathe outside...even early in the morning.  Allergies are just tough to deal with.  Needless to say, I didn't make it.  I was mostly contributing to the cause so I didn't feel too bad about it.  As it turned out it was a VERY hot day and a good friend of mine struggled so bad to the point she felt like throwing up when it was over.  Glad I missed this one.  For some friends, running in the heat is nothing but I'm finding that I'm not alone in this situation. 

I've moved my running inside now.  At first, I felt like a sissy not running outdoors...you know, like I'm not an athlete of any kind.  But after good workouts inside, I'm thankful I have an option.  Looking back on my running logs, this is about the time I head indoors for the summer.  So, I've made my peace with this, hold my head high and go for it!  After talking with a personal trainer about the knee issues I've been having, he said to eliminate all elevation [incline on a treadmill].  With that said, when my trekking instructor says to put the incline on 13 or even 5, I leave it on 1 and increase my speed.  I am getting stronger because of this and my knee doesn't seem to hurt now.  I will continue to do this most of the summer then begin increasing the elevation some in August.  With increasing my speed, it has helped on my overall running.  I am very happy with that.  Hence, the "happy dance"...can you see me?? 

One of my goals now is to be consistent in my working out.  This past week, whether I felt like it or not, I donned my running clothes first thing and headed out the door early in the morning before I could change my finicky mind.  Thankfully, I can head to the gym as early as 5 a.m. [I think or 6 for sure].  Once I'm there, I've worked out in the gym for a good 30 minutes and more after a 3-6 mile run on the treadmill.  I'm feeling better and stronger.  My plan is to do this again this coming week and hopefully, by the end of the week it will become a habit.  Because I've been consistent, my mileage has been at 20 miles the last few weeks which I usually struggle to get when I'm just on the road running.  Although the lower mileage could be the knee issues I've been working around. 

Well, that's it for this time.  All I can say is things are looking up.  Make your OWN goals, pursue it and progress will begin to be "sweeeeeet".  Now, get ready because whether or not you can run outside, find a way to work out and go

Run 4 It [whatever "it" means to you] 

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Fiesta Five Flags 5k

Boy, what a weekend it was!!  The itinerary was a busy, hectic one: Sand Volleyball, Hot Air Balloon Glow, racing then straight on to see our granddaughter in her Show Choir performance in Hattiesburg.  She was beautiful!!  I don't think she missed a step and they performed a LOT.  We are so proud of her.  What a weekend...whew!!  It was tough but we got it all done.  None of these things were in the same vicinity...can you say, "on the road again"?? 

Friday, the 1st, we went to the beach in Gulf Shores to watch the Collegiate Sand Volleyball National Championship.  Gorgeous day it was.  Some of those girls were soooo dark, especially from Long Beach State, California.  Could all those girls play volleyball!!  Guess that's why it was a National Championship. 

The Hot Air Balloon Festival began on Friday, too.  Since we knew our weekend was packed we decided to go on Friday night and see the Hot Air Balloon Glow and miss the rest of the weekend's treat.  It was cool!  Here are a few pics. 

Getting to bed early was a challenge because we needed to be up early.  Unfortunately, it ended up being our normal going-to-bed time.  Waking up to the alarm the next morning at 3:45, our Saturday began.  We had a favorite race of ours ahead of us.  Normally, it takes about an hour to get to Pensacola and the race began at 7:30.  Great time for a race, if you ask me!  We didn't pick up our packet Friday and since Pensacola was a little ways away; hence the earlier rise time.  Also, everyone had to be bussed to the Starting Line and the last bus left at 6:30.  We took a different route going to Pensacola this day and boy, did it cut off some time!!  A lot of it.  We have now found our new route to Pensacola.  Though a little early [we are early people anyway], we were fine with that.  The temp was perfect!  It was 52 when we got out of the car.  No wind and a gorgeous day.  One couldn't ask for anything better for racing. 

I was so unprepared for this race and wanted to be "ready"...but it is what it is.  Reason behind this: I attended a scrapbook crop the weekend before.  Okay...you say but that was the previous weekend.  The deal is that this was a 24 hour crop for 3 days.  I am one of the few that do all my work standing.  Aha!!  That's the deal!  Yep, that's the deal.  By the time I'm finished with any crop my ankles are swollen pretty bad; so much so that they hurt.  I'm not worried about this except it takes an average of TWO+ days afterward before I can get on my feet again running or walking.  For the first time, the swelling and discomfort lasted longer.  :(  Hence...not much preparation for the race the week OF the race.  I knew it would be tough but there was no way I was going to miss either event.  For one thing, I WON the crop!!  I love my life now!! 

Back to the race.  I was real nervous about this race as I had a goal this time to beat my last 5k time.  We started out and I really felt pretty good.  My knee hurt as I warmed up before the race and I was anxious about that.  But as the race got started, it didn't hurt.  Whew!!  Though the course is pretty much flat there is a hill going over the bridge in the 2nd mile and a HUGE hill going down a long street in the 3rd mile...hence, "kneeeee challenge".  Settling into my pace, I felt pretty good.  As I crossed the Finish Line I noticed that I had beat my time by 9 seconds!!  I know, you say that's not much...BUT...every second is a lot when you race.  What an encouragement!!  I can hardly wait until I get my time down by another minute or two.  I KNOW I can do this. 

I'm now looking forward to my next race...whatever that is.  It may be in the fall as I am not a summer racer.  I won't stop running but not sure about the racing.  I've now gotten excited about racing again.  It's been quite a while and I want those feelings back...whatever the time may be. 

Kent did VERY well, too.  He came in ahead of when he had hoped and that paid off.  He placed in his age group.  This is a tough race to place as there are many there.  Congrats, Honey...I am ALWAYS proud of you and you ALWAYS inspire me to do my best. 

I leave you with one thing.  Never give up!  Do what you can, whatever it is.  Some days are better than others and you will push through it.  I'm ready to be injury free.  It will soon be two years that I have fought "something" with two things being major...but I won't give up!  Reach for that better time or PR or whatever eludes you at this time and go

Run 4 It!! 

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Never Give Up

I had to name this post "Never Give Up".  As you know, I've struggled for quite some time with injuries as well as several other medical issues including side affects and weight gain from having to lay off running.  One of my problems is that I mentally feed my brain and entire being with negative thinking, like: "you can stop if you want to", "it's too hard", "is that pain I feel in my hip/knee/shin", "you can't run this WHOLE way", "you're going to get beat", "you'll never win anything again, that time has past"...so on and so on.  Well, I'm only admitting the truth here.  You get the drift.  Following those dreadful thoughts and stinking thinking, my regular runs usually show it with very slow paces. 

Realizing my mental attitude has become a huge problem, I've been working on it.  Sometimes it's a success and sometimes not...but...I'm not going to give up in this area.  The challenge is on. 

BUT...today my hard efforts paid off.  We went to Magnolia Springs for a 5k this morning.  I was only "somewhat" excited about it because I am NO WHERE I use to be in my running/racing and I've had to refocus my mindset on racing until I'm stronger.  Actually, my re-focus should be what I'm thinking now:  do the best I can, when I can and where I can.  Listen to my body and work with it. 

Kent and I rode the course yesterday and I felt the uphill grade for the first mile or more.  Knowing this, I braced myself in the race.  Told Kent that I would be easy on the first part of the race in order to not hurt my knee.  It's been a constant issue for me since the first part of the year.  Back and forth, okay and laying off.  Actually, still there but not as bad. 

Just before getting to the turnaround, it flattened out.  From thereon, it was basically going down the grade.  It was an out-and-back course.  So easy!  I crossed the line at 30:25.  I was ecstatic!!  The last 5k I did, the first of March, I had to walk a lot because of my knee and came in with 36 minutes.  I refused to quit.  Today, I beat that by 6 minutes and I'm so happy.  I had NO idea that I could beat it by so much.  I can tell the "racer" in me is still there. 

Being told that awards were in 10 year age groups, I was ready to go once Kent got his.  Oh, yeah...Kent did great!!  He's totally my inspiration.  He came in 1st place in his age group which are done in two huge groups, not like the 5k.  He insisted that we wait and just see how my age group did.  It wasn't long before we knew that it was in 5 year age groups [most are down here but occasionally you'll find a 10 year age grouping].  I was hoping there was a slight chance that I might place 3rd.  As it turned out, I won 1st place!!!  I am at the end of this age group and can hardly believe that I placed. 

With no rain/thunderstorms, no knee pain, good running and winning, it was a fantastic race.  The only bad thing is that I forgot my camera.  But there will be other races.  This is probably the most beautiful course I've ever run and look forward to racing it again for many years.  Now, let me leave this thought with you.  Never, never, never give up!!  You may be going through tough times but don't quit.  My "times" have lasted almost two years since running good like I use to.  If you get down, let me encourage you that you are not alone.  If you've gotten hurt, you're not alone.  If you're pace has changed/worsen, you're not alone.  Hang in there and NEVER quit!!  Now, go

Run 4 It

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Azalea Trail Race

Let me first begin by saying that I am enjoying racing again.  I am NOWHERE close to where I was nor where I want to be even where I can be; but I feel I am improving.  Having struggled with some knee problems in the last one and half months, it is getting better.  Let me tell you...laying off of doing something you really love is very hard. 

I signed up for the Azalea Trail 10k thinking at the time that it would be a breeze and I would be on the way to better times...no knee issues in the picture at the time.  BUT...it wasn't quite that way.  My knee continued to have a twinge of pain here and there the week of the race.  So, I decided to lay off of it two days before the race and wear my knee straps in the race. 

It was a pretty cool morning but really good for running.  My goal for this race was to run it entirely with no aches and pains.  I felt great, ran as good as I could and had no issues.  It felt great and I was excited that my goal was accomplished.  This is the first 6 miles I'd run since the first of the month.  My brain plays games with me trying its hardest to bring me down and send negative thoughts in my run.  This crazy thing has been powerful for way too long!!  This time, it was overcome with patience, endurance and positive affirmations.  Knowing that there was no way I was going to place in my age group this year, I was able to win over.  This was the first time since 2009 that I hadn't placed in my age group. 

My friend, Tim, caught me on the course.  Thanks so much, friend!!  Yes, this pic shows how happy I was...it was not a pose!  I've not been able to retrieve the photos taken by the ATR Photographer yet. 

Kent did great, as usual.  He came in 3rd in his age group.  Folks, to place in this race is an amazing feat!!  There were 3500 racers total.  I ranked so much better than I ever thought I could. 

I love this race!!  It is always the one I look forward to every year.  It is a super course and one to shoot for a PR every year.  This year was more special than the others.  I realized before going that there would be several friends from different locations that I knew would be there, then there were even more I had forgotten about.  It was like going to a running party where you've invited all your friends.  So cool!  I really miss my Gulf Coast Running Club friends.  It had been quite a while since I had seen them.  Didn't realize how much until I saw and talked with them.  It was good catching up on what was going on.  Also, my friends from the Jones County area. 

I am learning to live day by day in order to fight any discouragement that may try to take over.  I know I can overcome these negative things, physical and mental, and come out a winner.  No matter what things you are going against today, remember you can do it...now, go

Run 4 It

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Circle K 5k - Pensacola Beach

Boy, was it cold first thing.  37 degrees with a wind chill of 31!!  So, on goes a double layer of clothing for the Circle K 5k Race at Pensacola Beach.  The sun was out and it was a beautiful day!!  We went to pick up our packet and shirts and they gave us a swag bag.  This was no flimsy bag, mind you...you had to hold it with BOTH hands!!!  It was not only full but heavy.  There were 3 bottles, large Dasani water, an extra shirt with Florida Lottery on it, key chains, all kinds of candy bars, 5-Hour Energy drink, Twizzlers, earphones...I mean there were so much stuff in that bag, you can't imagine. 

This course is flat and is an easy one to run; also, the roads are good to run on.  As I neared the first mile, I realized that my right knee was going to make me walk as it was hurting.  I had stayed off of it the past two days hoping that would help.  Oddly, my knee never hurts when I'm not running; it will swell [and it has been] but it doesn't really hurt.  I finished my first mile running and proceeded to take the pressure off my knee by walking some.  Unfortunately, I had to walk a good bit of the race.  Running short stints followed by walking was the way it went.  Oh, well...what can you say.  I finished and don't feel like I damaged or hurt my knee further.  Will ice it and wrap it the next few days. 

After running Lulu's 10k last Sunday, I knew my knee was going to give me problems.  So, I walked 5 miles Monday and Tuesday in my neighborhood.  The weather prevented me from getting outside some but was okay with that since I had walked some...all the time thinking the 5k coming up wouldn't be affected.  Well, that just wasn't the case.  I had not run any since last Sunday's race! 

I am proud of my fellow runners for securing good race times.  Mo won Sr. Grand Master and Irene got first place in her age group.  They are both getting stronger and stronger.  Jane also received first place in her age group as walker.  Congrats, ladies!! 

Kent finished first place in his age group as well.  He received a nice cap, large plastic bottle with straw and a $10 Circle K card. 

When we crossed the Finish Line, there were bottles of water, oranges, different flavors of Danishes and different flavors of bagels.  THEN...we crossed the street where the real post race event was and boy was it something else!!  Not only did they have many, many different drinks to choose from [as well as a high-end chocolate milk] but they had red beans and rice and many kinds of Subway sandwiches.  Also, on the tables were different kinds of jerky, large chocolate and M&M cookies, more Danishes, gummy worms and gummy bears, packages of trail mix and a cooler full of 4 different high-end ice cream bars on a stick.  There was a double peanut butter, Thin Mint sandwich, cherry covered chocolate and another kind that slips my mind right now.  There were so much, I'm sure I left out something. 

I was going to share a picture of what we got in our swag bags, then another of what we got at the post race but when I laid it out on the bed, it was so enormous, I figured I'd include it all.  They even gave us a large canvas tote and were giving out extra race shirts.  These were tech and we definitely got another one...yippie!  The first pic is of everything followed by close up's in four pictures.  Here goes:

Can you believe all of this??  Oh, and I forgot to mention that we were given free Florida lottery tickets every time we went in and out of the area.  How cool??  Well, all I can say is that it made my bad race feel real good afterward, ha!   

Hope you've had a good run today or better yet a good race...after all, no race or run is bad unless you don't do it.  Keep up the good work and I'll see you later when I will

Run 4 It

2017 Races

  • 12/10/17...MS Coast Half
  • 12/09/17...MS Coast 5k
  • 11/25/17...Kaiser Half
  • 11/18/17...Wild Turkey Trot 5k
  • 11/11/17...Rotary Oyster 5k
  • 10/14/17...Shrimp Festival 10k
  • 02/18/17...Sea Turtle Half
  • 02/04/17...Double Bridge 15k
  • 01/29/17...Big Beach Half

2017 Bike Rides

  • 10/01/17...Southern Magnolia Ride [25.85]
  • 05/13/17...Good Life Ride [26]


  • MS Coast Double Down...5k & Half
  • Run The Beach...3 Half's

2017 Goals

  • Back-to-Back Races [Done]
  • 3 Half Marathons [Done +1]
  • 1,000 Miles-No
  • First Half Marathon Series [3 Done]
  • Work on core/strength 2-3 times a week-No
  • Lose 25 pounds-No
  • NEVER give up! YES!!
  • Control/Eliminate refined sugars-Good

2016 Races

  • 10/15/16...Shrimp Festival 5k
  • 05/30/16...Fiesta Five Flags 5k
  • 03/19/16...Azalea Trail 10k
  • 03/13/16...St. Pat's Leprechaun 5k
  • 03/05/16...Bay to Breakfast 12k...1st trail race
  • 02/20/16...Sea Turtle Half
  • 02/13/16...Double Bridge 15k

2016 Goals

  • Run 1,000 miles-Done
  • Bike 300 miles
  • Half Marathon-Done
  • Eat fruit daily
  • Push through the hard times-Done
  • Cut back on refined sugar

2015 Races

  • 12/19/15...Make It To The Line 4 Miler
  • 11/21/15...Wild Turkey Trot 5k
  • 11/14/15...Oyster 5k
  • 10/10/15...Shrimp Festival 5k
  • 05/30/15...PHind a Cure-W/D
  • 05/02/15...Fiesta Five Flags 5k
  • 04/18/15...Zydeco 5k - W/D
  • 04/??/15...Virtual Remember the Fallen 5k
  • 04/??/15...Virtual Boston Strong 5k
  • 04/11/15...Magnolia 5k
  • 03/28/15...Azalea Trail 10k
  • 03/07/15...Circle K 5k
  • 03/01/15...Gulf Coast Lulu's 10k
  • 02/28/15...Sweetheart 5k
  • 02/07/15...Double Bridge 15k

2015 Goals

  • 1 Half Marathon
  • Eat fruit daily
  • Overlook past failures
  • Push through the hard times/things

2014 Races

  • 12/06/14...St. Jude's Half Marathon
  • 08/16/14...Pinky 5k Virtual
  • 08/15/14...Howl @ the Moon 10k Virtual
  • 02/15/14...Sweetheart 5k
  • 02/01/14...Double Bridge 15k

2014 Goals

  • 1 Half Marathon
  • 700 Running Miles
  • Strengthen my Upper Body
  • Recuperate, Recover, Renew
  • Get active in WW
  • Eat Fruit Daily
  • Start Clean Eating
  • Begin Eliminating Sugar from Diet

2013 Races

11-30-13...Stennis 5k
11-23-13...Turkey Trot 5k
11-08-13...Run For The Kids Virtual Half [St. Jude's]
10-12-13...Shrimp Festival 5k
09-22-13...Talladega Half
07-04-13...Wesson 2 Miles
06-29-13...Emz Liverpalooza 5k
05-18-13...Pursuit of Fun 5k
04-20-13..Warrior Dash
04-07-13...Gulf Coast Half-Pensacola
03-23-13...Azalea Trail 10k
03-10-13...Leprechaun 5k
02-24-13...NOLA Marathon
02-02-13...Double Bridge 15k-Pensacola
01-13-13....Gulf Coast Half-Lulu's

2013 Goals

  • 3 Half Marathons-Done-Plus 1
  • 1 Marathon-Done
  • 1000 Running Miles-No, due to RC Tendonitis & Broken Shoulder
  • Eat fruit daily-A little aggressive but better
  • Maintain weight in 130's-Did NOT happen!

2012 Races

12-08-12...FloraBama Jingle Bell 5k
11-24-12...Jingle Bell 10k
11-17-12...Turkey Trot 5k
10-27-12...Jazz Half
10-20-12...OS Rotary 5k
10-13-12...Race for Grace 5k
09-29-12...5k For Katlyn
07-04-12...Wesson 2 Mile
04-15-12...Gulf Coast Half...[Withdrew-bronchitis]
04-14-12...Diversity Dash 5k
03-24-12...Azalea Trail 10k
03-03-12...MS50 20k...[Withdrew-bronchitis]
02-25-12...Kids Need Heroes 5k
02-11-12...Sweetheart 5k
02-04-12..Double Bridge 15k
01-14-12...Pensacola Half

2012 Goals

  • 1 Full Marathon-Marine Corp filled up
  • 3 Half Marathons-2 Down-Sick had to drop 2
  • 20 Miles-Wkly Mileage-Bronchitis kept me from this
  • Cross Training 2x Week-Poor Commitment
  • Weekly Weights W/O-Again Poor Commitment

2011 Races

  • 11-26-11...Kaiser Half
  • 11-19-11...Turkey Trot 5k
  • 11-11-11...Thumbs Up for Bill 5k
  • 11-05-11...Senior Bowl 10k
  • 10-22-11...Running the Streets 5k
  • 10-15-11...Shrimp Festival 10k
  • 10-08-11...Mullet Run 5k
  • 09-24-11...Waiting for a Cure 8k
  • 09-05-11...Labor Your Legs 5k
  • 07-04-11...Wesson 2 Miles
  • 06-04-11...Bay Fest 5k
  • 05-14-11...Stargazer 5k
  • 04-30-11...Fiesta 5 Flags 5k
  • 04-16-11...St. Benedict's 5k
  • 04-10-11...Gulf Coast Half
  • 03-26-11...Azalea Trail 10k
  • 03-19-11...St. Patrick's 5k
  • 03-05-11...Eco 5k
  • 02-13-11...Mardi Gras Marathon

Secrets to Running a 5k

Here is an excellent site for those who have thought about running a 5k race but just hadn't made that move yet. There's tips, directions and even a section on what to wear. If you have never run a race, you are missing out on a lot of fun. You will have support from most everyone you meet. Now for the site...click here to change your life and get started!

Free Online Health Calculators & Nutritional Databases

* Calories Burned Calculator - you choose the activity, total minutes doing the activity, and your weight.
* Target Heart Rate Calculator - you choose the activity, total minutes doing the activity, and your weight.
* Food Database - you type in the food category, the food and the nutritional label will come up.
* Weight Maintenance Calculator for Women - you input the info and the calculator will come up with the amount of calories to maintain your weight.
* Weight Maintenance Calculator for Men - same as for women.
* Body Mass Index - find out your BMI with this calculator.
* Healthy Weight Calculator for Women - determines your healthy weight for your height.
* Healthy Weight Calculator for Men - same as for women.
* The Longevity Game - a fun question and answer game that finishes with your "lifestyle" and how long you'll live. [I finished with a great 93 years of age!!]