"When I do the best I can with what I have, then I have won my race." Jay Foonberg

Weekly Running Log

Sunday, December 31, 2017

2017 Recap

ADDENDUM: Miles Run/Walked - 616.35
                              Miles Biked - 334.92

This year has really been different than what it was intended to be. At first thought, I want to be quite negative about it but as I look at the year as a whole, I see a lot of positive. I am VERY hard on myself and this is hard for me to work through when issues present themselves or I don't live up to what I expect of myself.

I had such high hopes to jump back on the "lose weight" wagon and hit the races like I did 25 pounds lighter leaving smoke in my path. High ideals just didn't translate like I thought they should.

Signing up for a series was to motivate me, making me stronger and get my running back on track. January and February were the first two of the three half marathons in the series.

As late spring came, I began riding my bike a little more. My like for riding increased. Getting my friends onboard was nice, too. We all rode together many times. We did the Good Life Ride in May. Boy, did I realize that the bike I had was not going to work any more if I wanted to go further than 5 miles. I decided that maybe biking wasn't my thing. I was so much slower than my friends and it became more like work than fun...very frustrating. They all kept asking me to ride with them after this but I really didn't want to. Something inside me wanted to get back on my bike but I couldn't take the embarrassment my rides were giving me. Come July, Kent talked me into purchasing a "good" bike. Now, it's hard for me to want to spend more than my Walmart bike but I knew if I was going to enjoy riding, I needed to take the plunge. After a test ride at Infinity Bicycles and a bit of a push from Kent, I ordered a bike. It was a Trek in beautiful sparkly blue with red/orange accents. When it came in a week later, I rode it on the Backcountry Trails. I was immediately "in love". There's no comparison with a good bike against a big box store's bike.

Ain't she the purtiest thing?? I never knew there would be so much difference in a ride on a good bike. It was smooth as butter. I'm in love!! Before I knew it, I was adding better pedals, lights, riding gloves, a better tire pump and getting new biking shorts and shirt. It's addictive. And, yes, I want a few more things.

Then for eight months, I struggled finding some balance. It was fall that I decided to join a Boot Camp and was scared to death. My body began to change and my running faltered off and on. For the first time in FOUR years, the range of motion of my left shoulder I broke years ago improved drastically. Who would have thought that!

As the end of the year approached, several of my friends were doing the MS. Gulf Coast Marathon Double Down races. I've wanted [for some time] to run back-to-back races...not two long ones but to say that I did two. You know, one of those check-off-the-list things. Knowing I had the last of the three half marathons to do to finish the series, I knew that I would be trained to do this half just two weeks later. So, I signed on. It was so much fun, too, and I'm glad that I did them. I do plan to do this again.

I want to say that the only thing mentioned to accomplish for 2017 was the Run The Beach Half Marathon Series. I felt "DOWN" so much this year but as I look it all over, I find that I accomplished way more than I realized. Here are a few things that was unplanned:

1. Back-to-Back running races
2. Two official bike rides
3. Joined a boot camp [and LOVE it]
4. Ended the year with FOUR half marathons! 2016-1;2015-0; 2014-1; 2013-4. Way excited about this!

I'll end the 2017 year with this:

1. One of my goals was to NEVER give up. I must say I exceeded at this, fighting negativity and depression all through the year. VERY, very proud of keeping on!
2. I didn't quit after a terrible fall in my third half marathon with more than half to go. [See #1]
3. Quitting processed sugars for almost four weeks was huge. Then came Thanksgiving! I will start over again next year in hopes that I can control/stop this 90% of the time.
4. I did not lose the weight.
5. The 1,000 miles goal was not achieved.
6. I joined a boot camp, scared to death, and found I loved the workout, ha!

All in all, it was more successful than it was not. Therefore, I will keep on keeping on and continue to

Run 4 It

Thursday, December 28, 2017

Double Down

I've been interested in doing a back-to-back race for a while. Several of my friends have done them but I thought they just weren't "right". I mean, who wants to put their bodies through this, right? It still drew me to want to put it on my bucket list...I know...I'm not "right" either...probably wouldn't call these friends if I WAS right. Anyway, some have done back-to-back long races and I applaud them even though I have no interest in doing that. But I did want to try a short race with a long race. When I saw several friends signing up for the Double Down at the MS. Coast Marathon, I just couldn't resist giving it a try. There was a 5k on Saturday and a Half or Full Marathon on Sunday. Here was my chance. I mentioned it to Kent and he was okay with it and told me to go for it. After all, I would have done a half marathon a couple of weeks before so I should be trained already. Almost immediately after that, I signed up. I was so excited to do this and with friends.

Let me start by saying I didn't think this one was going to happen. Read my last post and you'll definitely know why I said this.  After my fall, it took me a while to get to where I could walk again. The entire week after, I was so sore and beat up. My chest hurt every time I breathed and couldn't lay down to sleep, my knees were painful and my face still looked awful as well as pain over my brow. The second week [and the week of the Double Down] I was feeling better...except that my knees still hurt. I guess I fell flat on my stomach on that bridge because everything hit it and everything was so sore. I've never gotten hurt like this.

I decided that I would go ahead and walk the 5k with Kent, as planned anyway, and see how the ole knees would do. I had basically done NO running with only a very little walking before this weekend. This would determine if I would go ahead with the half on Sunday. Friday a cold front came in with rain and wind. The temperature dropped so much that it actually snowed! Yep, on the coast at the beach...SNOW! It was so pretty even if it didn't stick.

Saturday we headed out to do the 5k. It was an absolutely gorgeous day!! Clear blue skies and temps at 32 with a wind chill of 28...yikes!! Yes, it was cold! We hooked up with several friends and took some quick pics. Here are a few of them:

Nestor, Kent, me and Pete. Photobombed, by who?? LOL 

The Professor, me and Kent after the race.

Me and Diane. Brrrrrr..... 

Alabama running friends. Love these guys! 

Kimberly, Marsha and me. 

Justin, Jojo and Michelle

Heading back to the truck we saw a great photo op. 

5k Finisher's Medal

Sunday was another gorgeous day. I am so happy the rainy weather came in on Friday. The half proved to be another dang cold day but clear, blue skies. I think I was the only one without earmuffs of some sort. Yes, I was cold but I didn't want to worry about carrying it around when I got warmed up so I decided to wear a hoodie and I could pull it up over my head when I got cold or slip it off. I was SO glad to find my hometown friends. I knew they were there but hadn't seen them yet. And, we just "happened up" on each other lining up before the race began.

Deleica, Krista, Frank and me.

Here are some end and after race pics. I was "lucky" enough to get blisters all over the bottom of my feet...again!!! I am really struggling with this. It makes me walk when I don't want to and my gait is completely off. The last mile of the race was going up Interstate 10 curving around and over Highway 90. The grade was tough at such an angle causing me to put all my normal weight on the areas of the blisters!!! I was totally in pain!! All I wanted at this point was just to finish and an Alleve. Needless to say, it was mostly walking at the end for me.

I had on so many clothes but layered just perfectly. 

Here's the Finisher's Medal for the Half.

Several of us connected again afterwards but I didn't have a camera of any kind with me. It was still pretty cold. I found the booth where I picked up my Double Down Finisher's Tray. I am so excited that I could do these races considering the injuries from just a couple of weeks ago.

This was really a nice weekend of running and friends. I LOVED the races! When I get back to running good again...and I WILL...I'd like to return and do this series again. Next time, I hope to see more buddies. Until then,

Run 4 It

Sunday, November 26, 2017

1st Series Done

Let me start out with a little catch-up. We love racing in the fall/winter months, and we neither one are in good racing ability this year. With the excitement of all the races popping up every weekend, it was hard not to do some even if it was poor for us. I had been working on my run/walk method. On October 14th, we signed up for the Shrimp Festival. Kent the 5k and me the 10k. On November 11th, we did the Foley Rotary Oyster 5k. Then on November 18th, we headed to Pensacola for the Turkey Trot 5k which we love doing. Kent got 1st place there and nearly all my friends placed as well. It was a fun day.

Present: What better series to do for me than a half marathon one. I love that distance! The Kaiser Half on November 25th will finish it. I was excited about completing my first series, getting an extra medal and a jacket. The temp was perfect...in the low 40's, sunny and NO wind.

The race started well. I felt good and was going well. As we turned off the beach onto Rosemary Dunes Trail [a little over 6 miles], I was excited to get back on the system. I just love running and biking the Back Country Trail System. For about a half mile or so, I began feeling some tingling/numbness in my little toes on my left foot. Trying to figure out how to make it quit I tried to alter my weight to relieve some pressure. As I was thinking about what to do, all of a sudden, I tripped and fell...on one of those wooden bridges. Oh, Lordy!! I fell so hard, I heard my entire body body-slam that bridge with my head hitting it, too. This was NOT good; I was hurting so bad. I felt blood from my head to my knees. I felt my sunglasses slam into my head. Several sweet, kind runners stopped to offer assistance. Not only was I dazed, I couldn't get up easy. Several wanted me to go at the start of Rosemary to get some aid but all I could think about is, "No, I'm gonna finish." One sweet lady had some wipes with her. She gave me one to wipe off the blood on my forehead and sunglasses. My knees hurt so bad. It was then just how thankful I was to be wearing long, thicker pants. I still don't know how they kept from tearing. It was clear that my race had just changed. I looked at my watch and it was still on my wrist but definitely scratched up like my pants.

Pic taken when I got home.

Checking my distance so far, I realized I had over half the distance left!! Oh, no! How in the world am I going to finish this without complete walking?? This was NOT in the plan!! It took me a while to shake it off and get my thinking back going straight. After walking for a good bit, I tried running again slowly. My knees were not cooperating. The pain kept me at bay. The last 5+ miles I began getting blisters on the bottom of both feet. What else, right? Further toward the end of the race, I recalled how Kent and I had done sprints when we walked together. I tried that and found I could do it. So I finished the race doing these sprints.

I was exhausted. I'm glad that I could finish. I really wanted a big hug from Kent...guess for support and pure exhaustion. Cosmos provided the post race food and normally it would be delicious; but it was a little spicy [and I LOVE spice] after a long race so I didn't eat much at all. Actually, I really wasn't hungry. I just wanted to go to bed...anywhere!

I picked up my race result ticket. Though my run was so far away from being good, I still wondered just how I came out. When he gave it to me I saw where I was in First Place...FIRST PLACE!!! You've got to be kidding. Guess it's always good to show up...and getting older helps eliminate the field, too. Soooooo, I received goodies for that award. There were essential oil mixture, Stuffits, really nice running socks and a cup. I've never seen a cup like this. It will keep things hot or cold and can be placed in a microwave. It was a flexible plastic of sort. Kinda cool.

One of the main things that kept me going in the race was the perks for crossing this last Finisher's Line. Yep, it was the last of the Run The Beach Series and in order to get my special medal for completing the series I needed to finish this race. Another thing I totally wasn't expecting is that I place 2nd in the Sea Turtle Half and 1st in the Kaiser Half. Woo-hoo! Here are the two medals: one for finishing the Kaiser and one for finishing the series. I'm so proud of this! Also, the jacket.

And, then there's the completed Run the Beach Series plaque. LOVE this!

The day after the race, I took a pic of my face again. Boy, did it blacken!! I am still so sore. It can only get better from here on out. I can't even hold anything in my hands or put pressure on them like getting out of a chair or holding a plate. My palms are still pretty bruised. I guess if I have to have a black eye, I'd rather it be this way than fighting.

I have to say that when I woke up this morning and after all the moaning and groaning, it came to me that God was so good to protect me from worse injuries. I don't know how my glasses didn't break and I'm thankful they didn't. The shatter could have damaged my eyes. I also am glad they didn't break because my eyes are so sensitive to sunlight and I would have struggled just to be out without them with so much of the race left to do. He watched over me during this time and helped me through it all. How can I not be thankful to Him.

It was good to see friends. Some making new PR's, running this half when they just did a full last weekend and helping others to finish one of their first races. It was a beautiful day to experience so many blessings. Until next time...

Run 4 It

Monday, October 2, 2017

Did I Say Biking??

Since my running has not been up to par the last year, I thought I would start biking. The Hugh Banyan Backcountry Trail System has gone through a ton of improvements. Meaning many trails were being added to the already existing ones. I loved the ones they already had but these news ones are just amazing. Getting out my bike again after a few months in the garage, I began riding the trail system with my running friends. Yep...we've all gotten the bug. Two of the four of us had really good road bikes and two of us [including me] had Walmart bikes. For those that don't know, there IS a difference. But we all enjoyed riding and when we rode there wasn't a time nor speed to achieve. After a few rides, we all decided to sign up for the Good Life Ride 20 miler on May 13. As time got closer, the distance changed two more times further. Not very happy about that because riding a simple bike gets pretty hard the longer you get. About a month before the ride I got the flu...the flu!! I don't remember having the flu before. This cut into my practice riding and the others continued to get out. With not as much riding under my belt just before the big day, needless to say the ride itself was pretty hard for me after about 8 miles...and I had so much more to go. Well, all I can say is that I had the BEST friends by my side that day. They never left me and helped pull me through. On top of this, I got SEVERELY sunburned that day!! Lordy, I was glad this was over.

I decided that if I was going to ride with them I needed to "do" something to be able to ride with them. I had tried spin about a year ago and, though I didn't love it, I hung in there and was doing better...until...some of the ladies began talking about me IN FRONT OF ME as if I wasn't even there and...well, let's just say I haven't been back and probably won't go back. Just not my "thang". The next best thing was to improve my ride. Kent knew my frustration of lagging behind all the time and he told me to go get a "good" bike. A couple of things with that: the money [I mean, there's a huge difference between $150 bike and a low end good bike at $900. That's quite a jump. So we went to a bike store and began asking questions; they even let me try one out riding it down the road a piece. Can I say "Wow"!! What a difference this good one made! I had no idea there was such a difference. This convinced me that if I wanted to continue to ride more than 5 miles I'd have to move up to a better ride. All of my friends rode such good ones, most being quite expensive; I knew I couldn't compete with that but I could enjoy riding more with a good one. Before I left Infinity, I had purchased a new bike. My new Trek Lexa would be in in about a week. When I left, I had such a pit in my stomach wondering just what in the world did I do. I had never spent money like this. All week long, I wondered if I had made a big, costly mistake. A few days later, they called and said my bike was in. I could hardly wait to see my new "baby". Let's finish this part by saying that I have never loved biking like I do now. Though I'm still not fast...yet...this bike rides like butter. I love every time I get on her. Since then, I've gotten biking gloves [which are great], a good bike pump, tri-shorts, biking shirt and cage pedals. I already had a helmet. I'm using my Garmin running watch since it tracks biking, too. I know.......everyone has a bike computer...but why buy something when you have something else that works fine. So, I'm keeping this for now. Let's say I'm "looking" the part, ha!

On October 1st, I rode the Southern Magnolia 25 mile bike ride. There were 6 distances you could choose from. About a month ago, they had a practice ride and I elected to do it to see what I was in for. It was on small country roads. Having some trouble with my new bike shorts, I turned around before it was time and finished with 22 miles. Very glad that I did. I was whipped! I know I'm still new at this but biking is tough until you build up your ability. Let's say...I'm still not there! My local friends didn't want to travel that far but friends from my last home area were going and I wanted to see them. They are much more advanced than me...MUCH more. But they love the longer distances. Like runners, there are different kinds. Some love 5k's while others love half marathons and yet others love marathons and further distances. I think "my" distance is going to be 25 with little to no hills, ha!

I was nervous at least two days before the official ride itself. I just feel such a rookie in this area; and I knew that I would probably be alone for most, if not all, of the ride. The thing that kept me going was to remember it was a RIDE, not a race, and that I was going to be with friends I hadn't seen in quite a while. We got there a little early and since I was doing a shorter ride, mine started an hour after the century/ultra bikers left out. We stopped where they would round the corner hoping to see someone I knew. It wasn't long before I heard my name yelled out and it was Marsha [from Orange Beach]. It was so good to see her.

After they all passed by, we headed to the parking lot to start unloading. As we drove up, we saw our good friend, Frank [from Jones County]. Kent took a pic of us and Frank took one of us.

And, off we go...

Frank and I started out together. He had signed up for the 40 miler but started having back trouble and had to step back to a shorter distance. He's such a super biker, he ended up going on. One day I'll be like him!

For someone who basically rides on flat ground, this was tough for me. Once I was alone, I noticed someone else struggling with the hills. It wasn't long before we were talking and sharing that we both are fairly new at this. We are both learning our gears...I hope I can pick up on this because I don't know anyone else that has this issue but me. But I won't quit now. After riding a while, we decided to ride the rest of the way together. At least, we wouldn't be alone. His name was Peter [from Moss Point] and is a recent widower of three months. It's been tough and I'm glad I had an ear for him. This 25 miler ended up at 25.85! All I can say is I love the calories burned...yay!

Kent was waiting for me in the last turn with his handy camera and took some after race photos.

At the Finish Line with my long sleeve finisher's shirt.

My swag included several things. My shirt is on the bottom of this stuff. There was a commemorative towel, Southern Magnolia bike water bottle, Chamois Butt'r, sleeves and a Yowie [never heard of this before]; as well as a couple of Koozies and plastic cup. Thought it was a cool bag for a newbie. 

Here's my bib and the bag that held my goodies. 

A pic of Peter and me.

Got one of Marsha coming in and a few other photos I wanted to share.

My friend, Nancy [from Gulfport]. She came away with a lot of unexpected goodies for recent accomplishments.

Krista, Melody & Deleica [all from Jones County]. This was Krista's first metric century!

Pete [from Mobile]. Surprised to see him.

Also, good to see Ed [from Gulfport]. I rarely see him any more.

And, finally a pic with Marsha.

This event was filled with so many good memories! I loved every minute of getting with friends and visiting. I will never forget this great time. Until next time,

Run 4 It

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Double Bridge 15k Pics

Okay...........for whatever reason, I didn't get my pics on my Double Bridge post.  This will be short and sweet.  So, here we go.

Love the silver sparkle for the bridges. 

The colors this year were so pretty. 

And, of course, one of us!

Sea Turtle Half Marathon

This race was going to be exciting for a few reasons.  One, I'm doing well in the run/walk plan.  Sometimes I have to vary this but all in all, it's all good.  Because of this, I feel my body is getting stronger.  Adjustments have been necessary since my birthday a year ago [yes, I said a YEAR ago].  Though I could lose some weight, I do believe a lot of it is age.  My skin tone has changed as well as having little aches and pains in my joints.  I fought adjustment for a long time but have begun embracing it; hence, I am a better runner and enjoying running again.  It's been a while.  I have learned to appreciate every day and that I am still healthy.  It's all good!

I was better prepared for the race this year even though I could have used another month to train.  Last year, I dehydrated about halfway through and had to resort to walking most of the last half of the race.  And, I was totally running last year!  It was SO hot and there weren't enough water stops!!!  So this year, I brought water with me in case I needed it between the stops.  Check.  Looking forward to running this race again this week.  Go, Sea Turtle!

At the packet pick-up the night before, I ran into a couple we know from Laurel.  Gary and Anna were eating their pasta dinner.  We talked for quite a while.  It was so good to see them.  They've recently bought a condo in the area so I expect to be seeing them more often at races.

A sweet friend was coming down to race this with me.  As it turned out, several friends from where we use to live were here.  Tim was doing his first half marathon.  I was real excited for him.  Guess I'll remember my first half and first full marathons better than any other race.  The feeling of doing something so challenging is exhilarating.  There's nothing like it.  So in a way, I was reliving this with him.  A quick pic with all three of us before the race.

Deleica, Tim & I

Deleica and I saw Moe the morning of the race.  D learned of her when I shared about Moe having breast cancer.  They have now become friends and have seen each other several times since at local races.  I really like this pic of us.  Longtime friends though we all don't see one another often.

Deleica, Moe & I

D shared with me that a couple more friends were coming down to run the race, too.  I was surprised since they had done the Mercedes Full Marathon last week...and that's a tough one!  Good to see you two.  Getting in line to start...

Me, Ann, Penny & Deleica

The weather wasn't suppose to be in our favor.  Storms throughout the night with thunderstorms through the morning.  But, God was good and saw us through.  There wasn't a drop of rain that fell, the skies were overcast and it was so much cooler than last year.  NOT cool, mind you, but cool-ER than last year.  To me, this was a blessing!!  I was ready for it this time with my water bottle in my belt, ha!

The race went well though it was a little warm for the distance...to me.  Crossing the line, we all got our medals.  They were nice; I liked the design and colors.

We caught up with Tim.  I believe it was harder than he expected...but he finished and that's a great accomplishment.  I was thankful that his daughter, Laney, came out to run with him through the finish.  She's so sweet.  Congrats, Tim, on your first half.  Looking forward to seeing you at more.  Yes, he said he was interested in doing another...yay!!  That means, success!

Folks, you should never take for granted the half marathon distance.  It's a long way and many, many never attempt one.  So many factors come into play that never would in shorter races.  Crossing the line is indeed something to be proud of.

A large group of my Sole Sisters were there doing the Sweetheart 5k.  I just love the SS shirts.  Unfortunately, mine was always a little small and the dryer made sure that I'd never wear it again.  Missed having my friend, Susan, run the half with me this year.  We did it last year.  Guess the heat done her in...maybe she'll do another one.

Tonya, Lin, Bama Ann, Pat, Linda, Susan & Auburn Ann

Another shot from the pocket.  Yeah, when I got home and checked my pics I had MANY that were taken because the shutter kept clicking in my pocket!  I did get a good one even if it was by accident, ha!  Here you go, Linda.

Linda & Auburn Ann

As I was crossing the line, I saw my friend, Buck.  I was so excited to have someone cheering me in.  Kent wasn't able to come so I was alone...per se.  Yes, he was waiting for ME!  Thank you so much, friend!  He won in his age group.  Congrats!


Just before this, he came up to me and told me that I had won in my age group.  I was so excited!  NEVER did I think that would happen so I never even checked.  From mile 9 on I had to change up my program and do a little more walking so I figured any chance of winning blew away.  Well, here you go.  I'm a proud owner of this 2nd place award cup.

2nd Place

I can't believe I am running in half marathons again.  This is so exciting to me.  I am thankful for the Run The Beach Series or I probably wouldn't be doing them.  In the short amount of time of 2017, two half's have been completed...plus a 15k.  Maybe I need this commitment to keep me going.  Do what motivates you.  Do what you can...it's all good!

Run 4 It

2017 Races

  • 12/10/17...MS Coast Half
  • 12/09/17...MS Coast 5k
  • 11/25/17...Kaiser Half
  • 11/18/17...Wild Turkey Trot 5k
  • 11/11/17...Rotary Oyster 5k
  • 10/14/17...Shrimp Festival 10k
  • 02/18/17...Sea Turtle Half
  • 02/04/17...Double Bridge 15k
  • 01/29/17...Big Beach Half

2017 Bike Rides

  • 10/01/17...Southern Magnolia Ride [25.85]
  • 05/13/17...Good Life Ride [26]


  • MS Coast Double Down...5k & Half
  • Run The Beach...3 Half's

2017 Goals

  • Back-to-Back Races [Done]
  • 3 Half Marathons [Done +1]
  • 1,000 Miles-No
  • First Half Marathon Series [3 Done]
  • Work on core/strength 2-3 times a week-No
  • Lose 25 pounds-No
  • NEVER give up! YES!!
  • Control/Eliminate refined sugars-Good

2016 Races

  • 10/15/16...Shrimp Festival 5k
  • 05/30/16...Fiesta Five Flags 5k
  • 03/19/16...Azalea Trail 10k
  • 03/13/16...St. Pat's Leprechaun 5k
  • 03/05/16...Bay to Breakfast 12k...1st trail race
  • 02/20/16...Sea Turtle Half
  • 02/13/16...Double Bridge 15k

2016 Goals

  • Run 1,000 miles-Done
  • Bike 300 miles
  • Half Marathon-Done
  • Eat fruit daily
  • Push through the hard times-Done
  • Cut back on refined sugar

2015 Races

  • 12/19/15...Make It To The Line 4 Miler
  • 11/21/15...Wild Turkey Trot 5k
  • 11/14/15...Oyster 5k
  • 10/10/15...Shrimp Festival 5k
  • 05/30/15...PHind a Cure-W/D
  • 05/02/15...Fiesta Five Flags 5k
  • 04/18/15...Zydeco 5k - W/D
  • 04/??/15...Virtual Remember the Fallen 5k
  • 04/??/15...Virtual Boston Strong 5k
  • 04/11/15...Magnolia 5k
  • 03/28/15...Azalea Trail 10k
  • 03/07/15...Circle K 5k
  • 03/01/15...Gulf Coast Lulu's 10k
  • 02/28/15...Sweetheart 5k
  • 02/07/15...Double Bridge 15k

2015 Goals

  • 1 Half Marathon
  • Eat fruit daily
  • Overlook past failures
  • Push through the hard times/things

2014 Races

  • 12/06/14...St. Jude's Half Marathon
  • 08/16/14...Pinky 5k Virtual
  • 08/15/14...Howl @ the Moon 10k Virtual
  • 02/15/14...Sweetheart 5k
  • 02/01/14...Double Bridge 15k

2014 Goals

  • 1 Half Marathon
  • 700 Running Miles
  • Strengthen my Upper Body
  • Recuperate, Recover, Renew
  • Get active in WW
  • Eat Fruit Daily
  • Start Clean Eating
  • Begin Eliminating Sugar from Diet

2013 Races

11-30-13...Stennis 5k
11-23-13...Turkey Trot 5k
11-08-13...Run For The Kids Virtual Half [St. Jude's]
10-12-13...Shrimp Festival 5k
09-22-13...Talladega Half
07-04-13...Wesson 2 Miles
06-29-13...Emz Liverpalooza 5k
05-18-13...Pursuit of Fun 5k
04-20-13..Warrior Dash
04-07-13...Gulf Coast Half-Pensacola
03-23-13...Azalea Trail 10k
03-10-13...Leprechaun 5k
02-24-13...NOLA Marathon
02-02-13...Double Bridge 15k-Pensacola
01-13-13....Gulf Coast Half-Lulu's

2013 Goals

  • 3 Half Marathons-Done-Plus 1
  • 1 Marathon-Done
  • 1000 Running Miles-No, due to RC Tendonitis & Broken Shoulder
  • Eat fruit daily-A little aggressive but better
  • Maintain weight in 130's-Did NOT happen!

2012 Races

12-08-12...FloraBama Jingle Bell 5k
11-24-12...Jingle Bell 10k
11-17-12...Turkey Trot 5k
10-27-12...Jazz Half
10-20-12...OS Rotary 5k
10-13-12...Race for Grace 5k
09-29-12...5k For Katlyn
07-04-12...Wesson 2 Mile
04-15-12...Gulf Coast Half...[Withdrew-bronchitis]
04-14-12...Diversity Dash 5k
03-24-12...Azalea Trail 10k
03-03-12...MS50 20k...[Withdrew-bronchitis]
02-25-12...Kids Need Heroes 5k
02-11-12...Sweetheart 5k
02-04-12..Double Bridge 15k
01-14-12...Pensacola Half

2012 Goals

  • 1 Full Marathon-Marine Corp filled up
  • 3 Half Marathons-2 Down-Sick had to drop 2
  • 20 Miles-Wkly Mileage-Bronchitis kept me from this
  • Cross Training 2x Week-Poor Commitment
  • Weekly Weights W/O-Again Poor Commitment

2011 Races

  • 11-26-11...Kaiser Half
  • 11-19-11...Turkey Trot 5k
  • 11-11-11...Thumbs Up for Bill 5k
  • 11-05-11...Senior Bowl 10k
  • 10-22-11...Running the Streets 5k
  • 10-15-11...Shrimp Festival 10k
  • 10-08-11...Mullet Run 5k
  • 09-24-11...Waiting for a Cure 8k
  • 09-05-11...Labor Your Legs 5k
  • 07-04-11...Wesson 2 Miles
  • 06-04-11...Bay Fest 5k
  • 05-14-11...Stargazer 5k
  • 04-30-11...Fiesta 5 Flags 5k
  • 04-16-11...St. Benedict's 5k
  • 04-10-11...Gulf Coast Half
  • 03-26-11...Azalea Trail 10k
  • 03-19-11...St. Patrick's 5k
  • 03-05-11...Eco 5k
  • 02-13-11...Mardi Gras Marathon

Secrets to Running a 5k

Here is an excellent site for those who have thought about running a 5k race but just hadn't made that move yet. There's tips, directions and even a section on what to wear. If you have never run a race, you are missing out on a lot of fun. You will have support from most everyone you meet. Now for the site...click here to change your life and get started!

Free Online Health Calculators & Nutritional Databases

* Calories Burned Calculator - you choose the activity, total minutes doing the activity, and your weight.
* Target Heart Rate Calculator - you choose the activity, total minutes doing the activity, and your weight.
* Food Database - you type in the food category, the food and the nutritional label will come up.
* Weight Maintenance Calculator for Women - you input the info and the calculator will come up with the amount of calories to maintain your weight.
* Weight Maintenance Calculator for Men - same as for women.
* Body Mass Index - find out your BMI with this calculator.
* Healthy Weight Calculator for Women - determines your healthy weight for your height.
* Healthy Weight Calculator for Men - same as for women.
* The Longevity Game - a fun question and answer game that finishes with your "lifestyle" and how long you'll live. [I finished with a great 93 years of age!!]