"When I do the best I can with what I have, then I have won my race." Jay Foonberg

Weekly Running Log

Monday, November 12, 2018

Battleship 12k and "Another" Issue

Let me start by saying I've been building my miles each week and doing well. It was a run/walk but I was determined to do the plan I had been using for half marathon training. Then last Monday........my left foot became so painful I could hardly stand it. For over a year, the toes on my left foot would go to sleep, tingle, go numb followed by pain. Monday was the end of the rope. Very shortly after I began, the numbness and pain began, skipping the sleep and tingle stage. I had 9 miles to do. This process leading up to pain usually starts after about 5 miles. I finished my mileage; and the first thing I did when I got home was call a Sports Medicine doctor for an appointment. Luckily, they were able to get me in on Thursday; I was afraid it would take a couple of weeks. X-rays didn't show a fracture but it wasn't ruled out since they are hard to detect on x-rays. Upon examination, he pressed on the bottom of my left foot underneath the 3rd toe and I thought I was going to go through the roof; it hurt SO bad. He touched the exact spot and hardly pressed at all. There was also pain between the 3rd and 4th toes. The diagnosis I was given was Morton's Neuroma. I had been looking on the Internet and thought it might be that. I have hardly been able to walk during the week. I was given some pads to put in my shoes. I tried to use them and either I can't get it "right" or they don't work. I don't know. I posted on Facebook about it and got some good comments including which shoes that are good for MN.

As the week went along, we found that there are things you can do to help: to include new shoes or special inserts. But one thing we saw is that you can cut a hole at the spot where the neuroma is to relieve the pressure. We took one pair of shoes I hardly wore [though new] and Kent did that...and you know...it worked!! So I put them on and did a trial run on Saturday morning to see if I should do the Battleship 12k the following day. Up until then, I thought it was just donated money and a new shirt.

The Race
The day before I headed straight for Running Wild to check out some Altra running shoes. The first pair felt good. Tried on the Torin Knit 3.5 and I thought I had died and gone to heaven! They felt amazing! I went outside and jogged down the block and back and was sold. These will be the next pair I own. I wore them out and the rest of the time to give them a good "try" and see if I still liked them. All I could think of was why didn't I go check these out before now. I never wear or try anything new the day of a race. With the zero foot drop, I was a tiny bit sore from wearing them that afternoon. But at least I had the shoes Kent "fixed" that I could wear at the race.

The main thing was...I was going to race and I was hardly able to get out of my recliner until two days before. Several things made that day special. One was that I was actually going to try to finish the race [with lots of walking, of course], see a lot of friends from my hometown in Mississippi and see my local friends. And, today, I was actually at the Starting Line getting ready to do the race.

I was able to connect with Deleica and Krista and chat some before the race. It was SO good to see them. Temp was in the low 40's but clear, no rain and very little wind. Perfect!

Deleica, Kathy, Me and Krista

I got to thinking that my "local" friends were there, too, and started looking around for them. Well, there they were about 20' from us. So, I got to visit with them a few minutes. Then, all of a sudden, the dang cannon went of to start us; it caught me by total surprise. Without thinking, I started my watch and nowhere near the timing mat. So crazy, ha!

I was hoping for and shooting for being able to run the first mile. It was mostly downhill and thought that would help. I had to try real hard not to run hard as I normally would have as I didn't know if I could even finish the race with my foot problem. The first mile was a breeze; so I kept going...and going...and going. Before I knew it I had RUN a 5k [3.1 miles] without stopping. I took it real slow and it was easy. Toward the end of the 4th mile, my foot started wanting attention; my toes started feeling like they were going numb. So, I slowed down but kept running. By the 6th mile...yes, I said SIX miles!!!!]...it was getting worse. I told myself if I could to a 10k [6.2 miles] I would be happy, VERY happy. Well, it eased up; then I thought slow down more and maybe I could make it entirely. No way, right?? It wasn't long after reaching the 10k mark that my foot started getting painful. Surely, I can make it...surely, I can ignore this, focus on others around me and the Finish Line and listen to my music more intently...surely, this would just "go away". Unfortunately, that didn't happen. After we turned off the road into the Battleship Park, they directed us onto the grass in front of the park. Grass??? NOOOOOO!! The third step I took just about took me down!! Extreme pain! I began walking but really wanted to run; it was run a few steps and walk a few. My ankles have never been strong and I am very tenderfooted; with those things weighing against me I just didn't stand a chance in running it all with already flared up foot pain. I was SO close! Every step my foot made hit that very tender neuroma!! I actually yelled out once and a lady came up behind me asking if I needed help...even to get aid for me; but as a strong-willed runner, I told her no, but thanks and that "I was going to finish this". We high-fived and she went on. Several people were complaining big time about the grass; how it was hard for your footing, slippery and muddy. I felt like I wasn't the only one suffering. Just very hard to run it. MANY were walking. I admire those that aren't affected by things like this, I really do. I can't say how far this part was but I'd guess it was almost a half mile. A lady I came up next to just before getting on the concrete was so discouraged. She was struggling so hard trying to get through the grass. I encouraged her as much as I could and challenged her to run hard when we hit the pavement. When we got to the concrete, I stepped out on it and felt good again. I tore out running as fast as I could trying to make up as much as I could even though I had lost so much time in that section. We ran together the rest of the way. My encouraging her to run harder and harder pushed me to do the same. It felt great!

Well, the race was totally different that I had foreseen. Running was not an objective to achieve but a method to get from start to finish whenever I could do it. I had a negative split....IN REVERSE...ha! My speed got longer and longer due to the pain but I see this race as a huge success.

#1: I actually made it TO the race.
#2: Met up with friends I had hope to see from my home town.
#3: Caught up with local friends.
#4: Best and foremost: I ran it ALL except for a very little bit [maybe a .25 mile total].

I am super excited. It was worth the pain I endured. There's nothing like finishing strong...which is my motto. That and "Never Give Up". Here are some photos taken. Enjoy...

I love the long sleeve shirt...and my name on the bib.

This is the back. 

Then I found out these are the runners' names. I hope you can see mine; it's the best pic I could get.

I love the medal. It had glittery parts to it.

I hope you can read this. It's beautifully written.

Deleica looking good and strong.

I'm nearing the Finish Line...not much further to go.

We were given this just before entering the Park. 

Real touching when you run so close to these flags! 

Finishing strong...AND am "off the ground". Wow! Always love this! 

Finishing friends: Krista, Kathy, JoAnn, Nestor, Me and Deleica

I've missed this crazy guy. 

Marsha and Me. Love this girl!!

We looked through the park some. It's really a nice memorial park for local military. Next time we'll go through the ship and other things.

Flags from different countries our military fought in the Korean War.

It was a great day. Thanks for hanging in there with me in this long post. I had more pictures but chose these to not bore everyone with all I had. I love running and am glad that I'm gradually getting back to it. I really hope these new shoes will do me good. Until next time, go

Run 4 It

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Shrimp Festival 5k & Hope Haven Run for Hope 5k

I'm still slow...ugh! But I'm pushing through. I'll lose weight one week then gain it all back the next. Seems I can't stay with anything any more. Many nights are restless and sometimes carrying over into the following morning making me sluggish that day. At least, I'm not giving up. NO, I won't give up!

I love the race environment and that's what is keeping me going now. I'm so glad that my husband supports me wholeheartedly and encourages me to go out there and do what I can...whatever that may be. Seeing those at races that you don't see at any other time is always so nice. People of all ages and abilities. Some stronger than they were and some struggling. You know, runners ARE family and everyone encourages everyone! We're all happy people!

We all wait patiently for the gun to go off and set us on our way to begin the race. These race reports will be short and sweet.

Shrimp Festival 5k
A couple of things I like about this race is that there are a lot of people there and you don't feel like everyone's watching you, and I love the Back Country Trail System. I met up with Susan and Moe before the race. Moe was doing the 10k and Susan was doing the 5k, like me. We got off to a good start. I really felt good...even when we had 2 treacherous bridges to cross. The BCT staff are repairing the two bridges that we had to cross. They just laid the new boards on top of the existing ones raising it 1"-2" higher and they were all scattered around. It wasn't smoothed out and was up and down the entire bridge[s]. I'm so glad I didn't fall!! That kind of thing usually takes me down no matter how much I try to watch my footing. After-race food was pretty good. I was glad that I did as well as I did. As it turned out Susan got 1st place, I got 3rd place and Kent got 2nd place in the 5k. Moe placed 1st in the 10k. I was pleasantly surprised ... but I'll take it! A win is a win, right?!

Hope Haven Run for Hope 5k
This is a nice race, fast and flat. I hope one day to smoke it. I shoot for my best on race day, whatever that may be. There were only a few people that did it. Jean, Moe and Kent all received awards. Most of the people that ran in it was in my age group...you'd figure! But that's okay. It's such a good charity but wasn't advertised. I think those that showed up had done it previously and knew to look for it.They are making changes and hopefully more people will know about it next year and those that had run it previously will receive reminders that it's coming up. They have nice after-race food, too.

One positive thing about these races, I'm improving. This is exciting to me. I've cut my time every race since September. My goal is to run a race totally. I miss that SO much!! I never thought that would be a goal since I've run from the beginning, this kinda hurts my pride. But I WILL DO IT!! Yes, I will.

For those that are starting out, keep moving. And, for those that have had setbacks [like me], keep moving. It's always better than doing nothing. We got it, folks. So, go out there and

Run 4 It

Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Don McCloskey 5k

We watched the weather a few days before signing up for the Don McCloskey 5k in Pensacola. It's been unseasonally warm this year. The deadline to sign up was getting closer and closer and there was only online registration available. The forecast was in the 60's on raceday; I was so excited. So...we signed up at the last minute. The week of the race, the forecast completely changed - upper 70's, lower 80's!! I was just sick. Summer races are totally out due to the heat and humidity and now we've signed up for a race that's going to be just that. Okay...I decided to go and enjoy it. I knew it was a large race and there would be a ton of people so I wouldn't be last coming in regardless of how hard it would be to run.

The morning of the race came and there was a little overcast to start the race but it quickly dissipated. I did my best and tried not to worry about anyone or anything else. I was hoping to do better in this race than the one I did earlier in the month but not sure now. The course is a good one with one section of a grade that's a little tough but it's short lived and the rest is totally flat.

I knew my friend, Moe, was going to be there but hadn't seen her yet and she didn't know I was going to be there. I started a little further back in the pack since there were so many people. After the first mile was over; I had run the entire mile and was still running. It wasn't long before Moe snuck up behind me. I had no idea she would be behind. We ran together a little while but I stopped for water and she eased on. She ended up having a good race but was one out from placing. Hated that for her. I finished "okay"; not what I had hoped for. Kent did pretty good placing 2nd in his age group. Go, Honey!

When we got home, I downloaded my watch and was pleasantly surprised. My first mile was great! I hadn't done that well in a long time. The other splits weren't as strong. I walked more but much not as long as I did in the last race. When it was all said and done, I had beat my time by 2:06! I was shocked. And, needless to say, very happy. TWO minutes faster!! Not a wash out at all. 

I hope I can keep strong. I do believe my trekking class is really helping me get strong. I look forward to it twice a week. I wish I loved biking like I love running and swimming as much as biking. Guess everyone has their "first love". Don't get me wrong, I still love my Trek bike and am so glad I chose to get a good road bike. It makes it more fun to ride than ever before.

My plan is to work on solid running and, second, to increase my miles to improve endurance for the half coming up at the end of the year. I got in 8 miles last week. Whatever your running goals are, never give up and keep going forward and last of all go

Run 4 It

Saturday, September 1, 2018

Never give up!

Well, this seems to be the most appropriate title for this reading, "Never Give Up!". It's been a very hard year with unexpected illness several months, running/walking, no running/no walking, injury, discouragement...well, you name it if it means taking a few steps backward, it happened.

I am trying to regain some sort of easy running again, which at the time WILL include periodic walking. But...I miss running soooo much!! Weight gained hasn't helped anything at all. I'll say that in regard to these two things, I've been running a little more than walking and I've started back to trekking which helps me tremendously with confidence. I'd lost about all I had. Last week, I started back to Weight Watchers, which I KNOW works...and hope I can make myself weigh in every week until I get to my goal weight again. In one week's time, I've lost 4.4 pounds and am happy...very much...about this. During this week, there were a couple of disruptions which included pretty bad eating and I honestly do not know how I lost it. Instead of picking this thing to pieces, I've decided to take it for what it's worth and go forward.

Refocusing my efforts and missing the race scene so much, Kent and I decided to sign up for the Bloody Mary 5k this Saturday. Weather reports as of right now is absolutely terrible...70% rain! Of course, this is announced AFTER we signed up. Yikes!! I've never started a race IN the rain before. But I really want to do this. With that said, I'm planning on doing it if I have to walk it all. I miss the race atmosphere and the excitement all around.

My fast running may be on hold for a while but I'll keep trying. Getting motivated again!

UPDATE: 09/01/18  This morning we did the Bloody Mary 5k. While making pre-race announcements, the rain came pouring down. Yes, I was ready. Had my car key in a plastic bag as well as my iPod Shuffle. I was afraid I might have to run without my music. When I started running, I used music and I can hardly bear to think that I might have to do a race without it. My plan worked great. Through the downpour, nothing got wet but us - from head to toe. The race got started and it wasn't long before it stopped. Beside the humidity, it was all good. I wanted to run the first mile and do what I could after that. The first mile went great; no push, just slow and steady. Decided that I would try to run as far as I could. The first mile and quarter, I was so happy. I've not run outside in a long time. Seeing the 1.5 mile mark on my watch was so nice. 1.75 came and went. My goal then was to run solid for two miles. I made it!! Shocked and tired, I started walking some but only just a very little, less than .10 of a mile. I ran/walked until the finished. I can't express how happy I was to be "out" again. Seeing many running friends was so nice. I have really missed the whole experience. Kent did exceptionally well. One great step ahead...now, on to bigger and better things. Let's get this life together again and make it worthwhile!!

Now, go on...get out there...and

Run 4 It

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Casino Bridge 5k

This race was a hard decision to make. No, I wanted to do it and signed up ahead of time, as did Kent. But the night before it looked like it was going to come a downpour. The forecast was definitely not favorable. With the flu taking over the country and Kent showing signs of pneumonia, we weren't sure we were going to follow through and do it. We picked up our packets and got to visit with friends from Alabama. Loved seeing them and chatting. Ran into a couple more at dinner that night. The next morning I decided to go ahead and do the 5k since it was short and the rain seemed to be holding off. Kent had decided not to do it.

I really like the shirts. They even have a thumb slit, which I love that feature! I hate to wear gloves any more than I have to. I've worn this shirt a couple of times since and really like it.



I headed out the hotel and it was at the door that I bumped into my new friend from Boot Camp, Jo Anna. She's the sweetest thing! So I hung with her and some others all the way to the race start. She got a good pic of the group but I can't get it from my phone to my PC without posting it on FB and I didn't want to do that; just wanted it in the race post of the blog. I'm not good with phone pics yet. I didn't have my camera so this race has only a few pictures. 

It was cold and I really felt good; lots of good butterflies flying around inside. I did make a goal for this race: to run it all no matter how slow it may be...and I KNEW it would be hard. That bridge can be a killer. I ran up with friends from Laurel and visited with them briefly as the race began. It wasn't long into the race that we saw Tim's wife taking pictures. Thanks, JoAnn, for being quick on the draw.

Tim and me

Today it wasn't so much the bridge as it was the wind! Man, was it blowing h.a.r.d.!!! Once we got over the water, the east wind was so strong I had to hold my cap the entire time until the turnaround. A few caps went flying in the air; one guy even climbed over the barrier to the traffic and retrieved his. Guess it was one that he really liked, ha!

Coming up to the peak of the bridge

The race didn't go completely over the bridge and I was excited about that. For some reason, I didn't check out the course beforehand; I usually do. The climb up from Ocean Springs is pretty tough. Since it didn't go over the peak very far, it made the race much nicer to run and the return back to the finish was mostly on a downhill grade. After the race got started, all I could think about was how much I wished Kent would have done it. He'd been borderline pneumonia for a couple of weeks and just didn't want to take any chances of being exposed to the flu or getting wet from the rain [which it held off for the race; there was very bad weather headed this way]. As I came back over the bridge, I looked up and there he was!! Kent was in the race and I was so happy! He had turned his cap around to keep from it blowing off and I almost didn't recognize him. He never wears it that way.

This race gave out finisher's medals for the 5k and 10k. I personally think finisher medals should be done for 15k's and further. BUT...I do like the medal.

Next year, I plan to do the 10k. Oh, yeah...the goal?? I did it!! I haven't run 3 miles solid in SO long and I was so happy that I did it and on a challenging course. I've really got to work on the mental part of my running. I'm not real sure but that that's my biggest enemy right now. Of course, blisters, too...but I hope I have that under control. Time will tell. So until next post, continue to

Run 4 It

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

What's New?

Many people start out the new year with making resolutions only to have broken most of them by the end of February...at the latest. I've toyed with that word for years even changing it to "goals" each year. Looking up the definitions of both, here's what I found. A resolution is a firm decision to do or not do something while a goal is the object of a person's ambition or effort [an aim or desired result]. So it takes goals to achieve resolutions. They go hand-in-hand. I always thought resolutions were impossible to keep but come to find out they failed because they didn't have goals attached to them for achieving. Now, I also think that resolutions are things that should/need to be "changed" as opposed to hitting the bull's eye on a target board. For example, losing so many pounds; not that that's a bad thing. So, let's start the year with resolutions that have goals attached to them so we can hit the bull's eye by a specified date, even if that date has to be revised.

If you'll notice on the right side, I've set goals for 2018. As most of you know, I have a new GOOD bike. So, this year, I want to ride more when it warms up. Along with that, I want to improve my gear shifting. This hasn't come natural for me at all. I struggle with it a lot. This year, I'm hoping to actually get hold of how and when to shift my gears and not be afraid to push through this training period. My goal here is to ride more miles this year and in doing so learn more about shifting. The mileage is accountable and shooting for shifting improvement by the end of the year.

The third one, strength training, is accountable as it can be checked off. Now, to DO it cause it CAN be done. It is necessary, especially as we age, to maintain good core strength. This can be done at Rocking Boot Camp where I attend most days or at home using my body weight. The fourth one, running 600 miles, is like the first, a goal that can be marked off. I WILL accomplish this and hopefully at the same time checking off the fifth goal of running without walking. This will depend on whether I stay injury/sick free. Time will tell on this one; but I will not give up on this.

The next two will be difficult to measure and not sure how it can be done outside of mentally taking strides to improve. I hope I can stop eating processed sugar [cakes, cookies, etc.] completely but know that I won't be able to live up to that one completely; hence, the 75% of the time. My name is Robbie Headrick and I am a sugar-holic. Yes, even something like this takes more mental strength than anything else. Also, I realized that negative thinking seem to surround me. I didn't realize it so much until I was speaking with my trainer about my goals and she "caught" me several times tossing out negative words so easily. I will work on this daily...both of these things.

And, finally, Never, Never Give Up!! As hard as 2017 was for me and as many things as I had to change, it was in looking over the year that I realized that I pushed through some tough times and achieved more than I would have ever guessed I could. Injury after injury attacked me. And, though I never "counted" walking as exercising, my mindset changed. I mean, after all, I AM a runner! Not walker! But in order to "not give up", I pushed through and walked when I couldn't run, even in races. Last year proved that I am strong willed, determined and don't give up easily. I intend to continue this mindset in order to stop the negative thinking that has plagued me for TWO years. Yes, I will do it!

I may not be as young as most but I will do what I can to compete with those my age. Yes, this will be the year of improvement and going forward. Just yesterday, I ran 2.17 miles without stopping. I couldn't believe it! Yes, it can be done and this will be a great year with many new challenges ahead. I will enjoy life more and stop being so critical.

As far as you go, reach and stretch forward and let's both go

Run 4 It

2018 Races

12/09/18...MS Gulf Coast Half Marathon
12/01/18...Honeybee 5k (cancelled-weather)
11/17/18...Seville Quarter Turkey Trot 5k
11/11/18...Battleship 12k
10/20/18...Hope Haven Run for Hope 5k
10/13/18...Shrimp Festival 5k
09/29/18...Don McCloskey 5k
09/01/18...Bloody Mary 5k
01/27/18...Casino Bridge 5k

Through December...200 Mile Fall Challenge
Through August...175 Mile Spring Challenge
Through June...150 Mile Spring Challenge

2018 Goals

Bike 500 miles.
Improve gear shifting.
Strength training 2 hours/week.
Run 600 miles.
Improve running without walking.
No processed sugar 75% of time.
Improve positive thinking.
NEVER give up!

2017 Races

  • 12/10/17...MS Coast Half
  • 12/09/17...MS Coast 5k
  • 11/25/17...Kaiser Half
  • 11/18/17...Wild Turkey Trot 5k
  • 11/11/17...Rotary Oyster 5k
  • 10/14/17...Shrimp Festival 10k
  • 02/18/17...Sea Turtle Half
  • 02/04/17...Double Bridge 15k
  • 01/29/17...Big Beach Half

2017 Bike Rides

  • 10/01/17...Southern Magnolia Ride [25.85]
  • 05/13/17...Good Life Ride [26]


  • MS Coast Double Down...5k & Half
  • Run The Beach...3 Half's

2017 Goals

  • Back-to-Back Races [Done]
  • 3 Half Marathons [Done +1]
  • 1,000 Miles-No
  • First Half Marathon Series [3 Done]
  • Work on core/strength 2-3 times a week-No
  • Lose 25 pounds-No
  • NEVER give up! YES!!
  • Control/Eliminate refined sugars-Good

2016 Races

  • 10/15/16...Shrimp Festival 5k
  • 05/30/16...Fiesta Five Flags 5k
  • 03/19/16...Azalea Trail 10k
  • 03/13/16...St. Pat's Leprechaun 5k
  • 03/05/16...Bay to Breakfast 12k...1st trail race
  • 02/20/16...Sea Turtle Half
  • 02/13/16...Double Bridge 15k

2016 Goals

  • Run 1,000 miles-Done
  • Bike 300 miles
  • Half Marathon-Done
  • Eat fruit daily
  • Push through the hard times-Done
  • Cut back on refined sugar

2015 Races

  • 12/19/15...Make It To The Line 4 Miler
  • 11/21/15...Wild Turkey Trot 5k
  • 11/14/15...Oyster 5k
  • 10/10/15...Shrimp Festival 5k
  • 05/30/15...PHind a Cure-W/D
  • 05/02/15...Fiesta Five Flags 5k
  • 04/18/15...Zydeco 5k - W/D
  • 04/??/15...Virtual Remember the Fallen 5k
  • 04/??/15...Virtual Boston Strong 5k
  • 04/11/15...Magnolia 5k
  • 03/28/15...Azalea Trail 10k
  • 03/07/15...Circle K 5k
  • 03/01/15...Gulf Coast Lulu's 10k
  • 02/28/15...Sweetheart 5k
  • 02/07/15...Double Bridge 15k

2015 Goals

  • 1 Half Marathon
  • Eat fruit daily
  • Overlook past failures
  • Push through the hard times/things

2014 Races

  • 12/06/14...St. Jude's Half Marathon
  • 08/16/14...Pinky 5k Virtual
  • 08/15/14...Howl @ the Moon 10k Virtual
  • 02/15/14...Sweetheart 5k
  • 02/01/14...Double Bridge 15k

2014 Goals

  • 1 Half Marathon
  • 700 Running Miles
  • Strengthen my Upper Body
  • Recuperate, Recover, Renew
  • Get active in WW
  • Eat Fruit Daily
  • Start Clean Eating
  • Begin Eliminating Sugar from Diet

2013 Races

11-30-13...Stennis 5k
11-23-13...Turkey Trot 5k
11-08-13...Run For The Kids Virtual Half [St. Jude's]
10-12-13...Shrimp Festival 5k
09-22-13...Talladega Half
07-04-13...Wesson 2 Miles
06-29-13...Emz Liverpalooza 5k
05-18-13...Pursuit of Fun 5k
04-20-13..Warrior Dash
04-07-13...Gulf Coast Half-Pensacola
03-23-13...Azalea Trail 10k
03-10-13...Leprechaun 5k
02-24-13...NOLA Marathon
02-02-13...Double Bridge 15k-Pensacola
01-13-13....Gulf Coast Half-Lulu's

2013 Goals

  • 3 Half Marathons-Done-Plus 1
  • 1 Marathon-Done
  • 1000 Running Miles-No, due to RC Tendonitis & Broken Shoulder
  • Eat fruit daily-A little aggressive but better
  • Maintain weight in 130's-Did NOT happen!

2012 Races

12-08-12...FloraBama Jingle Bell 5k
11-24-12...Jingle Bell 10k
11-17-12...Turkey Trot 5k
10-27-12...Jazz Half
10-20-12...OS Rotary 5k
10-13-12...Race for Grace 5k
09-29-12...5k For Katlyn
07-04-12...Wesson 2 Mile
04-15-12...Gulf Coast Half...[Withdrew-bronchitis]
04-14-12...Diversity Dash 5k
03-24-12...Azalea Trail 10k
03-03-12...MS50 20k...[Withdrew-bronchitis]
02-25-12...Kids Need Heroes 5k
02-11-12...Sweetheart 5k
02-04-12..Double Bridge 15k
01-14-12...Pensacola Half

2012 Goals

  • 1 Full Marathon-Marine Corp filled up
  • 3 Half Marathons-2 Down-Sick had to drop 2
  • 20 Miles-Wkly Mileage-Bronchitis kept me from this
  • Cross Training 2x Week-Poor Commitment
  • Weekly Weights W/O-Again Poor Commitment

2011 Races

  • 11-26-11...Kaiser Half
  • 11-19-11...Turkey Trot 5k
  • 11-11-11...Thumbs Up for Bill 5k
  • 11-05-11...Senior Bowl 10k
  • 10-22-11...Running the Streets 5k
  • 10-15-11...Shrimp Festival 10k
  • 10-08-11...Mullet Run 5k
  • 09-24-11...Waiting for a Cure 8k
  • 09-05-11...Labor Your Legs 5k
  • 07-04-11...Wesson 2 Miles
  • 06-04-11...Bay Fest 5k
  • 05-14-11...Stargazer 5k
  • 04-30-11...Fiesta 5 Flags 5k
  • 04-16-11...St. Benedict's 5k
  • 04-10-11...Gulf Coast Half
  • 03-26-11...Azalea Trail 10k
  • 03-19-11...St. Patrick's 5k
  • 03-05-11...Eco 5k
  • 02-13-11...Mardi Gras Marathon

Secrets to Running a 5k

Here is an excellent site for those who have thought about running a 5k race but just hadn't made that move yet. There's tips, directions and even a section on what to wear. If you have never run a race, you are missing out on a lot of fun. You will have support from most everyone you meet. Now for the site...click here to change your life and get started!

Free Online Health Calculators & Nutritional Databases

* Calories Burned Calculator - you choose the activity, total minutes doing the activity, and your weight.
* Target Heart Rate Calculator - you choose the activity, total minutes doing the activity, and your weight.
* Food Database - you type in the food category, the food and the nutritional label will come up.
* Weight Maintenance Calculator for Women - you input the info and the calculator will come up with the amount of calories to maintain your weight.
* Weight Maintenance Calculator for Men - same as for women.
* Body Mass Index - find out your BMI with this calculator.
* Healthy Weight Calculator for Women - determines your healthy weight for your height.
* Healthy Weight Calculator for Men - same as for women.
* The Longevity Game - a fun question and answer game that finishes with your "lifestyle" and how long you'll live. [I finished with a great 93 years of age!!]