"When I do the best I can with what I have, then I have won my race." Jay Foonberg

Weekly Running Log

Monday, August 18, 2014

Good Week

I was going to write a post yesterday and I wish I had before today's run.  But, regardless, I wanted to write about last week's training.  First off, I am still working through my calf pain that I've gotten as a result of a cortisone shot I got two weeks ago for my shoulder.  TWO WEEKS!!  My shoulder is doing well but my running has been hard.  It is obvious that I have several side affects [see last post] but one in particular is still hanging on...tendon pain in my calves!  It is much better but I'm still not "normal".  So when I'm running and begin to feel tightness or pain I stop right then and stretch my calves.  And, yes...it has been often and until the calf is stretched enough, there will be pain. 

With that in mind, here is the breakdown of my training last week. 

Mon:  4 miles
Tues:  2 miles on TM followed by good overall workout
Wed:  4 miles followed by different overall workout
Thur:  XT
Fri:  7 miles...7 hilly, beautiful miles. 
Sat:  3.1 miles
Sun:  Rest
Total miles for week:  20.1

On Friday, 6.2 miles of the 7 were counted as the Howl At The Moon Virtual 10k.  I felt it was a good run especially with hills.  Beside that, it was the first time in a long time I had run 7 miles and I ran it all...whoop-whoop!!  Here's my cool medal.  The picture part swings around and says US Road Running.  It is really nice and heavy.  I plan to do more of their virtuals. 

On Saturday, these 3.1 miles was another virtual race I'd done.  It was the Pinky 5k Virtual.  I had one of the best overall paces I've had in a long time.  AND, I had stomach issues and almost didn't do it.  So glad I took a stab at it!  I haven't received my swag bag with my goodies in it, like the medal and shirt, and will post that when it comes in.  Until then, here is our running bibs.  So pretty.

Now for today.  Well, it was pitiful.  The heat and humidity was awful!  I was drenched with sweat within the first mile.  Then, my right calf was painful again and plagued me for a while, even having to walk some.  After stretching several times, it finally let up and I was able to finish the last 1.5 miles of my 5 miles running.  I'm glad I didn't stop at 3 miles because I was not doing well at that point and really just wanted to get back into the car and leave.  I'm going to do everything I can do get through this time and stay on my marathon training schedule.  I even have a Marathon Program B selected I can switch to in case this one is too aggressive [it runs 5 days a week where "B" only runs 4 days] but I will keep at the one I'm on now as long as I can.  I want to do this for those precious children no matter how much it takes out of me...because I CAN do it. 

With that in mind, I hope you stick to whatever program you may be doing and if you're not doing one, stick to your guns when you run.  This heat and humidity will eventually subside and we WILL be stronger.  Now, get out there and

Run 4 It

Monday, August 11, 2014

It Is What It Is

This year continues to be a challenge.  It seems when one thing lets up another takes its place...just like in the previous post.  First off...I WILL not give up!!  I know you've heard me say this a lot in the last year and half, but it is the truth.  Unless I have a legitimate reason to hang it up, I will not stop trying to overcome the obstacles placed before me even if my goals or aims are not done precisely as I had planned.  Thankfully, my mental game is stronger than I ever thought...well, at least most of the time.  Sometimes it really beats me up; but I regain control and give it another shot...thanks to some of the best running friends, too!!   

About a month ago, while I was exercising with weights at a Fitness Center, I did a great workout!  I was so proud of myself and was beginning to feel on top again.  Later my right elbow was in so much pain.  Since I had done heavier weight than I'm use to, I figured that was it...and it possibly was.  It was getting about normal when about two weeks later, my workout included weights...and [guess I'm not that smart], I injured that elbow AGAIN.  What gives??  Can I get over anything before something else happens?  It wasn't much of a move nor was it many repetitions but it was back to doing a little more than I'd been doing.  Okay...now, I've injured my elbow...that is, RE-injured that thing!  It hurts sooooo bad now.  Thankfully, I don't run on it, ha!  Okay, that's not "really" that funny. 

After finishing PT for my shoulder about a month and half ago, my therapist told me that I am as good as I will get unless other things are pursued, like maybe surgery.  Well, this is NOT going to work for me.  My left shoulder is still pretty limited and is NOT acceptable to me...for life, that is!  Hence, another visit to the doctor.  He persuaded me to get an MRI...which I had turned down again and again.  I've not had good success getting those as I am so chlosterphobic!!  But he gave me the meds I needed which really helped.  It also wasn't as confining as those I'd had before due to it being an open air.  Both helped me get through this.  A follow-up visit showed that no surgery was needed.  There wasn't a tear in my rotator cuff, which I never thought there was, and the bones healed closer in place than the previous x-rays showed.  So, the next step was an injection into the shoulder.  After saying "let's do it", he whipped out a needle, the nurse brought in the necessary items for him, and before I knew it I was "shot".   There was NO pain whatsoever and immediately he was able to move my arm in positions I haven't been able to since summer 2013 [over a year ago]!  Well, I can tell you this was wonderful.  I was really encouraged that this was going to be my ticket.  Because it had healed some time ago, it was explained to me that I may need another couple of shots to break down the scar tissue that had formed.  Since this seemed to be a breeze, I was elated and have been more mobile, even a week later, than I had been in so long. 

The down side:  Weeeeellll, nothing was told me about the side affects of the injection juice.  After being told that I could run the following day with no problems, I headed out the door.  It was not long before my calves were on fire.  I couldn't understand that.  I stopped and stretched two or three times.  I had planned 4 miles that day but struggled a lot through 3 of them.  All in all, I got in four but had one mile walking.  I just couldn't figure out what was going on.  THEN...I looked up the side affects of the medication in the syringe and there it was......possible tendon tears.  Oh, no!!!  I am reacting again!  This happened the first of the year when I got a cortisone shot for severe allergy attack and bronchitis.  It took me down for about a week...of NO running!!  Here it is again!  Why do pharmaceutical companies insist on changing products that WORK??  Though my shoulder was much better, I am not able to run. 

Today is a week since the injection and I am gradually getting over this.  Four miles were on my program and decided to give it a try.  I walk/ran 5.5 miles on Saturday and had no intentions of running any but doing .25 mile increments felt good two days ago.  The first couple of miles today were a little tough.  Tightness and pain made it harder than usual.  I slowed down [not that I was going that fast to begin with], and tried an extra half mile running after the two I had just done and did much better.  I think I ran "through" this thing.  It turned out that I did all four miles running and had no pain or issues to deal with afterward.  I think I'm about to whip it...dang juice. 

Training for the St. Jude's marathon has proved to be more of a challenge than I ever expected.  While I was pushing through the tough part of my run this morning, the thought came to me that this race was NOT about me...it was the children.  After refocusing my thoughts on doing this for them, I became stronger mentally.  Even felt ashamed that I was more in cue with my ability than the fact that these children cannot run and play like their little selves would do if it wasn't for the cancer that they are plagued with.  Thank you, Lord, for reminding me of this.  Remember that you can make your donation to St. Jude's here to help defray the cost of these children's treatment and family stay. 

I have planned ahead in the fact that I have two programs I can work with.  They follow one another pretty good except that one has you running five days a week and the other four...and the aggressive one has you running two 20-milers where the less aggressive one has one 20-miler.  I'm hoping to stay with the first one, which is the St. Jude's plan, unless I just have to make a change to Hal Higdon's...which I'm alright with that, too. 

For now, my aim is to work on getting this elbow back to normal and continue to do my PT exercises for my shoulder.  I'm not sure that I will get another injection until after the marathon in December because of the side affects, which I had two or three MORE that I didn't tell you about; but I felt the "no running" is the major one...well, duh!!  I AM a runner!   

Summer has always proven to be tough for me as well.  I'm hoping my persistence in running as much as I can outside will prove to be to my advantage when the cooler temps arrive.  It has in years past and I'm going on that. 

With all of this said, I've had to change some racing hopes again.  But on the flip side of that coin, I've signed up for a couple of virtual races.  Though it won't push me like a race would, I'm hoping to use it for speed training.  It, also, won't be as embarrassing to be in front of others because of my slowed pace either...hee-hee. 

I will say this again...I will NOT give up.  Things may not go quite as expected but I won't quit for those kids!!  It is for "them" that I push onward.  I will run because they can't.  Until the next post, go

Run 4 It 

Saturday, May 31, 2014


Well,  I had to change and update my 2014 Goals.  By the appearance of how this year has gone so far, I won't be able to make some of the goals as planned.  Since it is almost a half year down, I thought I would put them in perspective by adjusting them according to reality. 

Since the first of the year, I've several setbacks in my daily running with bronchitis, family death, allergies, etc., fighting for my attention with running being put on the back burner.  Hence, not a good first half [or almost half] so far.  It will improve but there's no way I could reach my goal of 1,000 miles for the year. 

Second, I wanted to update my 2014 races from the half marathon at St. Jude's to a full!  Yes, I said FULL!!!  I can't believe I'm going to do another one of those monsters.  I'm excited and scared to death all at the same time.  But after touring St. Jude's last year and seeing what an amazing job they do for so many children with cancer, I felt it was the least I could do for "them".  This time I will be doing a different plan than previously.  I heard over and over last year from those that had done this race before just how great it was.  So, my friend, Deleica, and I began thinking about getting a team together this year and going back.  She has done an excellent job coordinating the Team which is called Run 4 The Kids.  We now have 17 members!!!  Yay...

I'm still trying to maintain the fruit-a-day goal and am doing pretty good with that.  I've missed a day here and there but otherwise, I'm doing well.  The clean-eating is still in progress.  Eating out is more than a challenge and all bets are off when we eat those blooming buffets...and we've eaten those a lot so far.  But I'm thinking that will change to occasionally instead of regular.  The hardest thing ever is eliminating sugar from my diet.  I think it's worse...but I'll keep trying.  My name is Robbie and I am a Sugar Addict...yes, I am!!!  Not proud but confessing...

I am beginning to attend Weight Watchers meetings again.  I need the eating accountability part of their program baaaad.  This worked for me last time and I'm hoping I will be shamed enough to get back on track.  I never thought my weight would creep back up on me like it has; and don't think it would have except for the lack of running I've done over the past few months. 

Well, that's about it for now...I will continue to work on strengthening my shoulders with PT/weightts and recuperating, recovering and renewing my soul, body and spirit!  It's been tough and now I'm fighting the mental aspect of it all...but I will get back.  Remember, never give up.  And, to make that a little easier, go

Run 4 It

Monday, February 17, 2014

Sweetheart 5k

What a gorgeous day to race!!  Of course, any day with sun was more than welcoming with all the dreary, rainy, windy weather we've had for months.  The LA Fleet Feet Running Club does a great job doing this race.  This year, a half marathon was added to the 5k and 1 mile races.  And, I really liked the way they incorporated all of them.  They started the half at 7:00, the 1 mile race [I think at 8:30] and finally the 5k at 9:00.  The 1 mile race was over before the 5k began.  By the time the 5k runners were coming in a large part of the half marathoners were finished.  To me, it was a great time saver. 

The morning of the race it was about 44 degrees.  A little cool but the sun was out and was warming up the cool air.  My goal this time was to run as best I could knowing I am still far away from my "norm" and to be in under a 10 minute pace.  I know, I know...that's pitiful "for me".  I'm dealing with this and slowly but surely I know it will get better.  Kent was not up to his par either but again...we did the best we could with what we had.  We ran into a couple of friends of ours from Laurel.  Phillip is a great runner and his wife, Peggy, is a great racewalker.  It was good to visit with them a little. 

I felt pretty good after we got started.  My breathing was like it use to be: a little labored but not breathless.  It felt like a good push.  Keeping my focus and running "my" race helped me to do my best.  This is such a MENTAL sport for me right now.  As I ran under the Finish Line clock, I saw the time of 30:07/08.  I was so excited that I had maintained a good pace for 3.1 miles and I had made my goal of under a 10 minute pace. 

Here's a shot of Kent coming in strong.  Great form!

Got a few shots of the best Alabama friends ever. 

As you can see they were hard at work...enjoying every minute they can.  Great job, guys! 

Got a photo of Phillip and Peggy with their awards.  He got Sr. Grand Masters and she got Grand Masters.  Congrats!! 

Got a quick photo of my friend Tim who always has his camera strapped to his hip.  Congrats, Tim and Michelle!

Then he yelled out and got my pic...woo-hoo!  I hardly get a pic that is not a selfie! 

It was a great day.  Kent placed in his age group.  I came in 7th in my age group.  Not good for me but I'm glad I wasn't last, ha!  I had NO idea how close I was to placing in my age group.  Get this...the lady that was directly ahead of me was in my age group [#6].  On top of that 3 out of the 4 people right ahead of me were in my age group.  That means had I run 17 seconds faster, I'd have placed!!  I couldn't believe that.  All I can say is that I ran as well as I could and it is what it is. 

I am thankful for a beautiful day, good food and great friends.  Thoroughly enjoyed visiting with several after the race.  My friend, Moe, who is fighting cancer looked well.  Met a new friend and are now FB friends.  My sweet hubby got an award.  Yep, it was a great day indeed. 

I'll continue to work hard on my running.  I will NOT give up.  Until next time...I hope you will go out, do your best and

Run 4 It

Monday, February 3, 2014

Double Bridge 15k

What a week it was!  An ice storm came through Wednesday and Thursday.  We were home and it detained us from getting to South Alabama.  Check out the picture the Double Bridge folks in Pensacola took.  There was still sand in the outside lane of the bridges when we ran across them.   As a matter of fact, the bridges had just opened up to be traveled on Thursday afternoon!  What a difference! 

Friday we went to pick up our race packets for the Double Bridge Race on Saturday.  I stayed with friends, Deleica C. and Serina W.   Our race began at 7:00 a.m. and Kent's began at 8:30.  He came back the following day for the race and to pick me up.  The race was a sell out and when we arrived [ahead of the girls] there were already a lot of people milling around.  The Expo was small but nice.  I picked up a new Asics shirt ($11), a Moving Comfort racing bra (half off) and some new Asics Gel shoes (huge discount of $50).  All of this was less than what I would have paid for just the shoes alone had I got them elsewhere!!  Cha-ching!!  I am a happy camper.  Mostly because I was about to purchase new shoes anyway.  These same shoes are normally $120 at the discount store where I always get mine.  And, sports bras are like gold...they are ALWAYS expensive.  The shirt was just a "happy" for me.  I need a shirt to wear that isn't a race shirt. 

Here are our race bibs and the long sleeve shirt we received for the race.  Love the shirt!  Also, love the bibs that have our names printed on them.  I feel so important, ha! 

Here are my goodies I purchased.  They look kinda drab but it's the poor photographer's shot! 

While at the Expo I ran up with my friend, Moe.  I was so excited to see her.  This is the first time I'd seen her since last spring when she told me she had been diagnosed with breast cancer.  She continues to fight it but is still running!!  I don't know how she does it.  She's my hero!!  She signed up to do the 15k, too.  I wish I had gotten a picture with her but the opportunity just wasn't there.  Unfortunately, I never touched base with her after the race.  I thought she looked great...tired, but great.  I'm thankful for the hugs I got when I saw her. 

Not long after getting there, I ran up with my friend, Marsha C. and Tim A.  Tim and I are FB friends but had not actually met until then.  He takes some of the most beautiful pics of Mobile Bay.  Deleica, Serina, Gary and Anna T. showed up at the same time.  It was a busy moment.  Tim took mine and Marsha's pic while the others laughed and cut up.  You don't have to believe me...just look, ha!  Thanks, Tim!!

When we arrived in our 11th floor room, we got the most beautiful views.  The pool is gorgeous.   

 After unpacking, we took a quick pic before going out for our pre-race pasta dinner provided for us. 

I think we enjoyed the company more than the meal.  The temps were dropping.  What???  It was suppose to be in the mid 60's...and here I am needing a jacket.  Thanks, Serina, for loaning me one of yours!!!  I would have frozen with the misty rain falling, too. 

The next morning I got up around 4:00 to get ready for the race.  I brought warm and cool running gear and I am so glad I did or I would have just brought my shorts.  As it turned out, we needed warmer clothing.  Whew!!  We met up with Gary in the lobby and caught the shuttle to the Starting Line.  Kent told me that morning it was 44!!!  All I know is that it was nippy.  Here are a couple of pre-race pics. 

Look at that gorgeous bridge just waiting for us to cross it.  And, off we go.  Before the 2nd mile, I was shoving my arm sleeves to my wrist.  No matter how slow you go, when your body heats up you're ready to cool off. 

This course is tough; but I love it all.  It makes me work hard.  Here is a pic of approaching the second bridge.  I call it "Big Daddy".  It is the toughest part of the race.  Then there's one looking back over it.  Thanks, Tim, for the shots; they captured it great.

I always look forward to this sign!!

I love the crowd support at the end.  It always give you such a boost when the crowd line is long.  When we crossed the line, we got this finishing medal.  I LOVE the flip-flop!! 

I had hopes of running this for a PR but after tough physical situations over several months, I changed my goal to run it entirely.  I know, I know...that doesn't seem like much; but when life throws obstacles at you, you make the best out of them and if you're smart, you'll change the goals to something to reach for...not an inevitable fail or injury.  There were a couple of times that I thought I would have to stop and walk some...even had it in my mind to do so on those bridges if I needed to so as not to get injured.  The only running I had done that week was 7 miles on Monday.  That's not much.  And, that was the longest I had maintained that distance in quite some time...without walking some.  As it turned out, I was able to run it all.  Slower on the bridges but I'm okay with that.  I achieved what I set out to do.  This gave me such a confidence boost.  Not only to run it all but to run those tough hilly bridges.  This is one of my favorite races and I hope to do it many more times. 

After such a wild week of weather, only one day of running, lots of traveling and a 15k, I was tired.  Fortunately, I never got sore afterward; but we went to bed very early on Saturday. 

On Sunday, my stepson, Kyle, ran his first half marathon in New Orleans at the Rock 'n Roll.  The weather changed a lot on Saturday.  The fog rolled in with the wind and the temps dropped.  Come Sunday, it was forecast to even rain.  Definitely not what a runner wants to hear.  Regardless, it was terribly humid!  As it turned out, he did great and the rain held off until the marathon was over.  We are so proud of him!!  I asked if he would do another and he said, "Yes!!"  It was then that I told him that he was hooked, ha! 

This weekend was a great weekend with friends, family and races.  It was good to see so many running friends and cheer others on in another state.  I hope you were able to get in a run or race.  If not, I urge you to put on your shoes and clothes and get out right now and

Run 4 It

2017 Races

  • 12/10/17...MS Coast Half
  • 12/09/17...MS Coast 5k
  • 11/25/17...Kaiser Half
  • 11/18/17...Wild Turkey Trot 5k
  • 11/11/17...Rotary Oyster 5k
  • 10/14/17...Shrimp Festival 10k
  • 02/18/17...Sea Turtle Half
  • 02/04/17...Double Bridge 15k
  • 01/29/17...Big Beach Half

2017 Bike Rides

  • 10/01/17...Southern Magnolia Ride [25.85]
  • 05/13/17...Good Life Ride [26]


  • MS Coast Double Down...5k & Half
  • Run The Beach...3 Half's

2017 Goals

  • Back-to-Back Races [Done]
  • 3 Half Marathons [Done +1]
  • 1,000 Miles-No
  • First Half Marathon Series [3 Done]
  • Work on core/strength 2-3 times a week-No
  • Lose 25 pounds-No
  • NEVER give up! YES!!
  • Control/Eliminate refined sugars-Good

2016 Races

  • 10/15/16...Shrimp Festival 5k
  • 05/30/16...Fiesta Five Flags 5k
  • 03/19/16...Azalea Trail 10k
  • 03/13/16...St. Pat's Leprechaun 5k
  • 03/05/16...Bay to Breakfast 12k...1st trail race
  • 02/20/16...Sea Turtle Half
  • 02/13/16...Double Bridge 15k

2016 Goals

  • Run 1,000 miles-Done
  • Bike 300 miles
  • Half Marathon-Done
  • Eat fruit daily
  • Push through the hard times-Done
  • Cut back on refined sugar

2015 Races

  • 12/19/15...Make It To The Line 4 Miler
  • 11/21/15...Wild Turkey Trot 5k
  • 11/14/15...Oyster 5k
  • 10/10/15...Shrimp Festival 5k
  • 05/30/15...PHind a Cure-W/D
  • 05/02/15...Fiesta Five Flags 5k
  • 04/18/15...Zydeco 5k - W/D
  • 04/??/15...Virtual Remember the Fallen 5k
  • 04/??/15...Virtual Boston Strong 5k
  • 04/11/15...Magnolia 5k
  • 03/28/15...Azalea Trail 10k
  • 03/07/15...Circle K 5k
  • 03/01/15...Gulf Coast Lulu's 10k
  • 02/28/15...Sweetheart 5k
  • 02/07/15...Double Bridge 15k

2015 Goals

  • 1 Half Marathon
  • Eat fruit daily
  • Overlook past failures
  • Push through the hard times/things

2014 Races

  • 12/06/14...St. Jude's Half Marathon
  • 08/16/14...Pinky 5k Virtual
  • 08/15/14...Howl @ the Moon 10k Virtual
  • 02/15/14...Sweetheart 5k
  • 02/01/14...Double Bridge 15k

2014 Goals

  • 1 Half Marathon
  • 700 Running Miles
  • Strengthen my Upper Body
  • Recuperate, Recover, Renew
  • Get active in WW
  • Eat Fruit Daily
  • Start Clean Eating
  • Begin Eliminating Sugar from Diet

2013 Races

11-30-13...Stennis 5k
11-23-13...Turkey Trot 5k
11-08-13...Run For The Kids Virtual Half [St. Jude's]
10-12-13...Shrimp Festival 5k
09-22-13...Talladega Half
07-04-13...Wesson 2 Miles
06-29-13...Emz Liverpalooza 5k
05-18-13...Pursuit of Fun 5k
04-20-13..Warrior Dash
04-07-13...Gulf Coast Half-Pensacola
03-23-13...Azalea Trail 10k
03-10-13...Leprechaun 5k
02-24-13...NOLA Marathon
02-02-13...Double Bridge 15k-Pensacola
01-13-13....Gulf Coast Half-Lulu's

2013 Goals

  • 3 Half Marathons-Done-Plus 1
  • 1 Marathon-Done
  • 1000 Running Miles-No, due to RC Tendonitis & Broken Shoulder
  • Eat fruit daily-A little aggressive but better
  • Maintain weight in 130's-Did NOT happen!

2012 Races

12-08-12...FloraBama Jingle Bell 5k
11-24-12...Jingle Bell 10k
11-17-12...Turkey Trot 5k
10-27-12...Jazz Half
10-20-12...OS Rotary 5k
10-13-12...Race for Grace 5k
09-29-12...5k For Katlyn
07-04-12...Wesson 2 Mile
04-15-12...Gulf Coast Half...[Withdrew-bronchitis]
04-14-12...Diversity Dash 5k
03-24-12...Azalea Trail 10k
03-03-12...MS50 20k...[Withdrew-bronchitis]
02-25-12...Kids Need Heroes 5k
02-11-12...Sweetheart 5k
02-04-12..Double Bridge 15k
01-14-12...Pensacola Half

2012 Goals

  • 1 Full Marathon-Marine Corp filled up
  • 3 Half Marathons-2 Down-Sick had to drop 2
  • 20 Miles-Wkly Mileage-Bronchitis kept me from this
  • Cross Training 2x Week-Poor Commitment
  • Weekly Weights W/O-Again Poor Commitment

2011 Races

  • 11-26-11...Kaiser Half
  • 11-19-11...Turkey Trot 5k
  • 11-11-11...Thumbs Up for Bill 5k
  • 11-05-11...Senior Bowl 10k
  • 10-22-11...Running the Streets 5k
  • 10-15-11...Shrimp Festival 10k
  • 10-08-11...Mullet Run 5k
  • 09-24-11...Waiting for a Cure 8k
  • 09-05-11...Labor Your Legs 5k
  • 07-04-11...Wesson 2 Miles
  • 06-04-11...Bay Fest 5k
  • 05-14-11...Stargazer 5k
  • 04-30-11...Fiesta 5 Flags 5k
  • 04-16-11...St. Benedict's 5k
  • 04-10-11...Gulf Coast Half
  • 03-26-11...Azalea Trail 10k
  • 03-19-11...St. Patrick's 5k
  • 03-05-11...Eco 5k
  • 02-13-11...Mardi Gras Marathon

Secrets to Running a 5k

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